Quadcross and Enduro specialist Matthias Briel has new shock absorbers from Canada on offer.

Quad Briel imports the high-quality chassis elements used by many professionals worldwide to Germany and offers full service for ELKA. Matthias is currently making the sports drivers an attractive offer. Namely for a set – consisting of two front and one rear damper – from the current Legacy Steel Plus series. Matthias and his team adjust the dampers in the Stage 3 expansion stage after assembly to the respective vehicle and the body weight of the driver. The settings are possible in the low-speed range, in rebound and in the spring preload. Most sport quads on the market can be equipped with ELKA for a better and safer driving experience. The set also includes protectors that protect the dampers from the worst. Briel is asking for a low price of 1,904 euros in total and is looking forward to inquiries at:

Quad-Briel GmbH, Gossenhöfe 1, 35110 Frankenau, Tel: 06455/75055


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