Or not? In any case, this prototype from KSM Innovations is not the only mono-chain driven vehicle. But maybe it was the first? Because the vision goes back to the late 1980s.

KSM, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, applied for a patent for the vehicle on February 3, 1989.

This patent refers to the prototype as an off-road vehicle, which is probably the best way to classify this vehicle. The manufacturer defines it more precisely as follows: “A light, single-track, motorized vehicle that is amphibious, unsinkable, suitable for all terrain and in all seasons, safe and stable and does not require any modifications or additions to adapt it to different weather or terrain conditions adapt “! As far as the cross-country mobility could best be compared with a classic ATV, the similarity ends with the attribute swimming ability. Yes, it can swim, because this prototype is amphibious. As far as is known, this model is unique, so there is only this one prototype. A well-known motor from the time, a Honda ATC 125 M, serves as the drive. With the wide rubber chain and the foldable floats, the part could perhaps also pass as a snowmobile.

The vehicle is going viral these days because the owner is offering the special thing for sale in an online auction. According to the supplier, the engine is still running, but a new battery would have to be installed. The seller cannot answer whether and to what extent maintenance has been carried out or how high the mileage is. Two days before the end of the auction, the bid price is around $ 1,550. In any case, the value is certainly much higher.

Photos: KSM Prototype Amphibious ATV



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