Tires – a topic in itself. The roundlings often decide about progress, driving fun and, above all, safety. We have again assembled and tested a set for you.

Tianjin Wanda Tire Group Co., Ltd is a fast growing company founded in 1988 by Geng Yun Shun in Tianjin, China. Wanda focuses on the manufacture of bicycle, motorcycle and ATV tires. Meanwhile, the brand has become one of the largest tire manufacturers in China, Wanda ATV tires are well known all over the world. All tires are manufactured according to the latest ECE standards and comply with the latest European chemicals regulation REACH. This European Union regulation was issued in 2007 to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can arise from chemicals. It also includes everyday products such as B. in detergents, paints and products such as clothing, furniture and electrical appliances. And tyres, too.

Therefore, the Wanda “Storm” presented by the importer RSP does not emit any fumes, as we have often noticed with Chinese products. So far we have been able to collect and pass on consistently positive experiences with Wanda tires. The new set in the sizes 26×9-12 (front) and 26×11-12 (rear) also makes a very good first impression. The chic rims from HD in black contribute to this. Looks great on our Suzuki King quad. According to the description, the profile arrangement should allow very good driving on hard terrain, which we can already confirm in advance.

On the way to “Storm”

The ATV maneuvers easily off-road and the side profile protects the pretty rims from damage as the radial construction overhangs the rim bead. A calming quality in rocky, stony passages when the vehicle comes into contact with coarser pieces. It doesn’t matter how the tires are mounted, because the direction of rotation is not specified. In soft terrain, the “Storm” has less grip and requires more physical effort to stay on course. Dirt roads and hard ground are the profession, which means that the new Wandas are supposedly suitable for the street.

They do, too, because they stand out as very low-wear and low-noise and score points for that. On the road, however, a clear imbalance becomes noticeable at higher speeds. So: balancing! Our trusted tire dealer stuck 230 grams into each rim, which didn’t completely fix the problem. So we worked alternatively with Couteract, those beads that can be inserted through the valve and, in normal operation, can use centrifugal force to compensate for imbalances. It took 300 grams of the product in each tire to make a further improvement, but not a fix. Now you could blame the problem on the ATV, whose track was measured and adjusted correctly. We haven’t been able to try the combination with another rim yet.


The Wanda “Storm” are particularly suitable for off-road drivers, although the tire has certain all-round properties. Our set would certainly be recommended for gravel tours in the Alps, for example, or on really hard ground. Good balancing on the rim is advisable. In view of the low wear and tear and the pleasant price, one could accept the trade-offs.

Text: Frank Heidger; Ralph Wilkes
Photos: Rainer Petzold


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