The Bavarian Forest is about 100 kilometers long and up to 1,456 meters high. Lots of space for great tours and fun in curves. But also for celebrations and family experiences. So off to the low mountain range on the border between Bavaria and the Czech Republic.

Hikers know the Bavarian Forest well. Countless forest and hiking trails criss-cross the border region to the Czech Republic, embedded in partly untouched nature. After all, a nature park extends on both sides of the border, which together make up the largest forest area in Europe.

Naturally, in such low mountain ranges there are narrow streets and winding stretches that are loved by quad, ATV and motorcyclists alike. The many hotels, guest houses and campsites are ideal as a base. Because the tourist infrastructure is well developed, so that everyone should find suitable accommodation. From the luxurious hotel with god knows how many stars to “holidays on the farm” in a rustic ambience. Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of family vacation. While the quad friend goes on a nice tour, the “appendix” is always useful and fun to keep busy. Whereby – a joint excursion in the Bavarian Forest is always an experience.

We assume so

The western town of Pullman City in Eging am See is where all the points mentioned can be found. Hard-working Quadwelt readers will surely remember the reports from the annual Quad World meeting there. A cheerful atmosphere, good food and an entertaining show program ensure an entertaining stay for everyone involved. The offer of the organizers around boss Claus Six, which in the event of the meeting also included the Kremsreiter family of traders, includes a winding and worth seeing trip. Incidentally, the quad meeting in Eging has been carried out independently by the Kremsreiter company since 2019.

We are on the way in their footsteps and are happy about the wonderful landscape. No wonder that the meeting participants gladly take advantage of the offer. From the starting point Eging, we stroll past small streets and through the typical quaint villages. To cross fragrant woods again in serpentines in the next moment. Yes – admittedly – with off-road tires, we also take one or the other forest path. Rarely that we would have met anyone. There is a photo stop and break at Egg Castle, with rustic gastronomy in the castle courtyard.

Strengthened, we go from this to the tour towards Arber, the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest, to which it goes up in many curves. Depending on the season, you should at least have your jacket in your luggage. Stops are not only worthwhile on the proud mountain ridge. Along Glasstraße – for example in Zwiesel – we marvel at the sculptures in the park and at the shopping center. A good opportunity to get the souvenirs for those who stayed at home.

But why leave someone behind at all? Families get their money’s worth. The Bärenbob in Grafenau is a fun summer toboggan run with crazy curves, embedded in a chain of hills. Incidentally, the operator manages the facility with the help of two ATVs. Repairs in the upper part of the route are done in no time because the craftsmen conquer the steep slopes with 800 cubic meters. They are there quickly if something jams or jams.

Fun guaranteed

We head for Tittling, where a museum village welcomes its visitors. On well-laid paths you can step back in time and smell the scent in the smoky kitchens of old farmhouses. But the best thing about the tour around Eging and the surrounding area is and will remain the great roads. Away from the tourist paths on the connections between countless scattered settlements, behind every hilltop there is a highlight for the eye and for the tires. We recommend the Bavarian Forest especially to the curve robbers among you.

When is the best time to travel? Always – just maybe not in winter. Autumn always has very special surprises in store thanks to the magnificent colors. In summer there are many tourists and some streets on the main routes are very busy on weekends.


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