If we are not out and about on four wheels and are therefore not wearing special shoes, we recommend taking a look at these new everyday and leisure shoes.

The specialist for functional shoes and clothing HAIX presents its revolutionary CONNEXIS Go shoe. With the motto “Lift your Limits”, this is the world’s first leisure shoe with active fascia stimulation that increases performance. In order to support the natural functioning of the feet, the anatomically shaped last of the chic shoes is not curved downwards, in contrast to conventional kicks, but straight. This prevents the ball of the foot from sagging and gives the toes more space to give the foot stability. In addition, the CONNEXIS technology actively stimulates the fascia in the foot in order to increase the wearer’s performance. Fasciae are a fibrous network of connective tissue that envelops muscles, organs and bones and plays a major role in our movements.

The CONNEXIS Go is made of breathable textile microfiber material. Inside, a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane ensures dry feet. The shoe sole is extremely non-slip thanks to its profile construction and the special rubber used. An energy return midsole absorbs the wearer’s energy with every step and releases it again. The practical quick release fastener with flexible laces enables quick on and off and pressure-free adaptation to the foot. The CONNEXIS Go is available in various colors as a men’s and women’s model, as well as a low-cut and ankle-high mid-cut model.

The shoe can be ordered in the HAIX webshop. You can find more information at www.liftyourlimits.de


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