Christmas is just around the corner and the running and search for the right gifts begins again. We have a tip for you.

Christmas and presents belong together, of course. This year, however, it will not be easy for all of us with a joyful stroll through the festively decorated city and, above all, a visit to the Christmas markets. We recommend you a really nice and, above all, inexpensive gift that every quad fan is sure to like. Our Quadwelt magazine can also be easily ordered as a gift subscription. The recipient receives an annual subscription consisting of guaranteed six issues sent home free of charge. Of course you can also give yourself presents.

To order an annual subscription as a gift, you can of course simply use our Subscription form use. If the delivery is to be terminated after a period of one year (6 issues), simply make a note in the field for the delivery address “Gift subscription”

The gift subscription is available for 23.00 € including shipping, or 32.00 € for deliveries within Europe.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and, above all, good health and more freedom in the new year. See you outside 😉



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