Trailers that can also be pulled with an ATV are in great demand in the scene. This also includes small caravans. Now there is a new manufacturer and a first trailer model with which one could actually plan a trip around the world.

Migrator – the name of the new mini caravan – is the ideal solution for long-distance travelers and camping enthusiasts who use ATVs. The Romanian company FIM Caravans invested around four years in the development of the trailer and has been offering the finished product since last year. In Germany, the company “Offroad Busters” in Markgröningen has taken on sales. The fully off-road caravan fits perfectly into the previous product portfolio of imports and accessories for jeeps, ATVs and side-by-side.

Three models

The “Wanderer”, as the model name can roughly be translated, is currently available in three different equipment variants. Basic, Summer and Offroad are available. You can also choose between an AL-KO axle and the axleless suspension from TIMBREN for the chassis. For operation behind an ATV, however, only the AL-KO variant makes sense, because it has an overrun brake and a 100 km / h approval. The structure consists of an aluminum frame which is built with GRP. Doors and tailgate are also made of GRP. The entire cabin has 25 millimeter thick insulation on all sides. The floor is made of fiberglass in a sandwich construction, which further improves the insulation. There is also an additional 120 liters of storage space here. The side windows are made of safety / insulating glass. Thanks to its own battery and the corresponding control electronics including LED control panel in the interior, the trailer can be used completely independently. A diesel-powered auxiliary heater or air conditioning can also be ordered as an option. The customer also has a large selection of interiors and colors. Further standard equipment includes hydraulic wheel shock absorbers, automatic reversing, rear lights in LED technology, interior lighting completely in LED technology, 230 volt connection, 15 or 16 steel rims, all-weather tires with M + S identification, roof rails, smoke and gas detectors, USB sockets and many more further features that are listed on the website In terms of price, entry into the world of Migrator carvans starts at 14,790 euros for the basic version. The well-equipped “Offroad” costs from 18,990 euros, with the option of additional accessories that drive the price up. But for a circumnavigation of the world, for which the migrator seems suitable, that should hardly matter.

Text: Frank Meyer

Photos: Offroad Busters



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