Strolling is not! The E. ATV Super Duke R wants to be driven. And preferably quickly. For safety, the driver has a number of assistance systems available that can control the ride on the cannonball or make the quieter tones a pleasure.

KTM has a naked bike in its range that will make the hearts of sporty motorcycle fans beat faster. It is undoubtedly one of those two-wheelers that arouse emotions.

There is this no-frills design, which already gives an idea of ​​the power of the “moped”. Alone, because nothing obscures the view of the essential, the V-2 engine. The heart of the bike delivers 178 hp and a massive torque of 141 Nm at 7,000 rpm. to disposal. So especially strong in the lower and middle speed range. With a total weight of around 62 kilograms, the extremely narrow 4-valve engine is one of the lightest large-volume V2 engines in the world. And it runs extremely smoothly.

Good remains

Typically KTM you might think, the Austrians are known to set the bar high in the two-wheeler sector. Typical Clemens Eicker. The boss, thought leader and designer of E.-ATV Racing hardly leaves a motorcycle from Mattighofen untouched in order to develop a quad from it and thus set the benchmark for his part. Namely the one for sports quads. He and his team always succeed in transferring the virtues and advantages of the respective two-wheeler to the four-wheeler. This was particularly successful in the case of the new Super Duke R, which is now the most powerful series sports quad on the market.

Let’s see what from the sports motorcycle goes well with a sports quad. It is definitely the seating position that benefits the driver. Once born as a travel enduro, KTM – and with it Eicker – does not force its customers into an embryo position. You can comfortably upright control the wide handlebars and control the harmonious TFX / WP chassis. The component mix consists of the serial damper of the two-wheeler at the rear and shock absorbers specially developed by the Dutch specialists at the front. A combo that works very well and stays in lane, especially at brisk pace.

The countless assistance systems can also be activated or deactivated from the handlebars at the push of a button. Depending on the pilot’s taste, experience or mood. Three levels of the traction control MTC developed by Bosch are available: “Sport” and “Street” offer driving pleasure at full power, “Rain” throttles the beast to 130 hp and, together with the electronic slip control, guarantees maximum grip on the track. Even in rainy weather. What has a positive effect on the motorcycle, as can be read in numerous tests, has a downright ingenious effect in the quad, as the wider contact surface of the rear tires allows the system to work even better. Furthermore, the electronic help enables you to get out of the curves faster with slip, combined with the freely adjustable mapping of the ignition. This means that even relatively inexperienced drivers can get along with the car, while athletes will choose the adjustment of the throttle response in the “Track”, “Sport” and “Street” levels more aggressively. All settings made are saved in the system and are retained after the ignition is switched off.

Always controllable

The ABS of the motorcycle is also available, which is a unique selling point in the area of ​​quads. Not to be despised in terms of safety, when you consider that the four-wheeler can be shot to 100 km / h in just under three seconds and is traveling at top speed beyond the 200 mark. The set-up actually allows everything you could want. Today on the way to work through the city, tomorrow maybe on an enjoyable tour and on the weekend on the race track. Yes, the E.-ATV can do all of this: relaxed, lazy cruising with torque, switching and giving the kit, the power is always easy to control, very easy to drive and always a high level of smoothness. E.-ATV Racing sums it up on its website like this: Elegance paired with high-tech, driving fun combined with safety and comfort – our E.-ATV 1290 Super Duke R offers all of this! It purrs like a kitten, roars like a lion at the same time and you will make your competitors look pale as soon as you run the beast mode at the start and thanks to the launch control you only have to engage the clutch, crank up the gas and drive away everyone.

E.-ATV Racing works according to the highest quality standards, which is reflected once again in the Super Duke R. For example, the swing arm is made of high-strength aluminum, which is also used in aircraft construction. The front of the quad consists of the tried and tested grid construction made of chrome-molybdenum tubes, which has been independently assessed by TÜV Rheinland. Wide A-arms with fully adjustable values ​​for the toe and camber of the wheels keep the vehicle safely on course even at Vmax and enable safe handling and absolute control.

Typically KTM – typically E. ATV

If all of this is not enough for you, you will find it at KTM. Two-wheeler fans will find more than enough objects of desire that make the Super Duke R even faster, more effective and more stylish. Of course, all of this also fits the four-wheeled version from the Lower Rhine. As presented here, the quad costs 34,900 euros, which means that around 15,000 euros are charged for the metamorphosis. For this price there is a “Vauzwei” that has it all. Not only electronics and sound, but also a lot of emotions. Definitely a quad that makes the hearts of sporty quad fans beat faster. Typical!

E. ATV Super Duke R 1290

Engine: V2 cylinder 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, displacement: 1,301 ccm, power: 130 kW / 178 PS, fuel supply: electronic injection, starting system: electric, gearbox: manual, 6 gears, drive: 4 × 2, chain, wheel suspension: Front double A-arms, rear central spring strut, brakes: front 2 hydraulic discs, rear 1 hydraulic disc, tires: front 165-70-10, rear 225-40-10, dimensions: length 2,100 mm, width 1,320 mm, height 1,080 mm , Wheelbase 1,480 mm, ground clearance 120 mm, weight: 240 kg, tank capacity: 18 liters, color: of your choice, guarantee: 2 years

Price: 34,900 euros

E. ATV Racing GmbH, Vluynerstr. 44, 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn, Tel .: +49 (0) 2845/377837,

Issue from 06/2018


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