Rims. Often an eye-catcher on the sporty quad. But they shouldn’t always be in top condition for cosmetic reasons alone. Good tires and proper balancing bring calm and safety to the journey. The special centering unit from HAWEKA helps the fitter to achieve this.

High-quality products, innovative ideas and trading partners – this has been daily business for HAWEKA for many years. The Lower Saxony company is considered the market leader in balancing technology and operates worldwide. Many processes that are common today in the “wheel industry” and are widely used go back to the ideas and developments of the specialists from Burgwedel. For example, the “quick-action flange for closed rims” – called UniSimplex – was once a revolution in the national and international tire world and has become indispensable for today’s balancing technology.

Important for security

Now it could be irrelevant to us as users how the tire or quad dealer brings the new slippers onto our four-wheelers. But it shouldn’t! Because the smooth running of the vehicle has a major impact on safety, driving experience, tire wear and fuel consumption. In order to be able to achieve smooth running, in addition to the right preparation and execution, the right tools are crucial. HAWEKA has the solutions for clean, perfect centering and balancing, for the right running of the wheel and the optimal alignment of vehicles. You are therefore welcome to ask your trusted dealer what technology and tools he or she has in the workshop. The most important thing is the correct centering technique. The patented HAWEKA centering technology makes it possible to center each wheel without tolerance, to balance it perfectly and thus to achieve the desired smooth running. In addition, the specialists offer a wide range of systems for wheel alignment and concentricity testing for a wide variety of vehicle types. It goes without saying that the family business also has a solution ready for our valuable quad and ATV rims.

professional competence

The special centering unit for quads, fun convertibles and ATVs has become established in everyday quad workshops. The HAWEKA product represents a special solution for our type of vehicles. It consists of three components: a spacer ring made of aluminum, the cone and a pressure piece. This set of clamping devices enables the assembler to place the rims, some of which are small in diameter, with many different offsets on the balancing machine. Conventional clamping devices do not do this adequately. The result is incorrect measurement results and the resulting imbalances. You often see an exaggerated number of weights rotating in the rims, which only superficially calms the load. Uwe Westermann, export manager at HAWEKA, has another tip: “Apart from selecting the right centering and clamping devices, another extremely important point is to ensure cleanliness when balancing. Unclean flat surfaces on the rim, vehicle and balancing machine quickly lead to a dynamic imbalance of 30 grams and thus to a falsified result”. A clean working environment must therefore be expected at a workshop for tire assembly.

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HAWEKA supports its customers’ workshop staff with advice and action. In the form of technical support and guides available online. The professionals can also be reached by phone. So – if something shouldn’t fit with your rim – help is at hand. However, fitters are well trained and educated in the in-house training center at the company headquarters. So well positioned, everything should run smoothly. Literally.

Text: Ralf Wilke, HAWEKA
Photos: Ralf Wilke
Graphic: HAWEKA


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