Quad Area is one of the leading ATV dealers in Austria. Managing director Adolf Wallner recognized the many convincing advantages of the STELS brand and added the robust Russian vehicles to his range.

“I was also impressed by the reliability of the delivery of spare parts and accessories on the part of the importer Quadix from Bamberg,” he explains his decision and adds that he wants to develop STELS into one of the leading brands in the Alpine republic. A strong announcement, as Adolf Wallner only started four years ago when he reopened his long-standing hobby in addition to his 25-year-old transport company. Not only the long experience with quads and ATVs flowed into the company, but also a specially created practice area.

On this almost 7,000m² outdoor area, it is possible to safely start the first attempts at driving a new ATV and test the off-road mobility. Since the best possible customer care is very important for Quad Area, the stock has been steadily expanded and can now fall back on a well-stocked and extensive range of accessories and spare parts. It is just as important for the STELS dealer that all of its business partners work in a customer-oriented manner in difficult times and to be able to offer the fastest possible support for all customer inquiries. In addition to Quadix, his partners also include Iron Baltic, Rammy, Shell Austria, Haberkorn Austria, and Car Klinik. With the latter, the mandatory annual inspection in Austria according to §57a, the new STELS with T3b approvals, is secured.

The first delivery of the STELS Guepard 850 and 650, in the colors yellow, camouflage, carbon has arrived. These can be viewed from now on and sufficient information can be obtained.

Also visit Quad Area on their homepage www.quad-area.at


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