XOBI – this is real manual work”Made in Germany” from Bavaria. Among other things, Dimitri and Christoph use bamboo, a sustainable and hard-wearing raw material, for their portable outdoor kitchens. Everything else that is needed to produce the practical devices is obtained from partner companies in the vicinity. The kitchens are suitable for camping trips as well as for leisure activities, e.g. B. swimming trips or festivals. Thanks to the compact dimensions, they also fit on any ATV or SxS and can therefore be used at any meeting. Like the model XOBI Light. It weighs only nine kilograms, is made of plastic and oiled bamboo wood (food safe). The kitchen station is equipped with a cutting board, a 5 liter fresh water tank and a 24 cm stainless steel bowl. For example, you can use the 12V water tap with a micro switch independently with the battery box, or you can connect the whole thing to the vehicle via a 12V connection. Under the removable sink there is additional storage space for kitchen utensils. In addition, XOBI Light can be used closed as a small dining table. It couldn’t be more flexible.

More info? Please read the next issue of Quadwelt or directly below www.xobi.bayern


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