For the new season, Dr. Wack two new premium products: the S100 motorcycle quick wax and the S100 BIO motorcycle cleaner.

With the new S100 motorcycle quick wax, Dr. Wack effortless long-term protection with the shortest processing time. The product achieves a streak-free result in just a few minutes. It can be processed in a very short time and leaves no white marks on plastic parts. Thanks to the new innovative hydrophobic formula, paintwork and plastic parts are protected for many months. It also has a color refreshing effect and provides a reflective shine and a great feeling of smoothness with a smooth surface.

The new S100 BIO motorcycle cleaner is made from more than 97 percent natural and renewable raw materials, is guaranteed to be compatible with materials (because it is acid-free), free of any fragrances or dyes, pH-neutral and, like conventional products, biodegradable. But despite all the advantages for nature, the S100 BIO motorcycle cleaner offers the best S100 performance with the usual highest quality. And if, contrary to expectations, a user is not satisfied, Dr. We offer a money-back guarantee for these premium products.

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