When it comes to barbecuing, opinions differ: for many, gas or charcoal is almost a declaration of faith. At least the coal fraction was disadvantaged because of the higher effort on the way. Until now. We test the CUBE for ATV suitability.

Fire – the element that gives warmth and light, but has also helped people to prepare food since time immemorial. There is something magical about fire and it influences our mind. It is no coincidence that we are happy about a campfire when camping or a fire bowl with crackling logs. When you are in good company, the best memories are made. All of this is probably the reason why for many people only the charcoal grill is the real grill. Smoke aroma, crackling fire, juicy meat for some only comes from the hot embers.

On the go, however, this is always a bit more cumbersome than grilling with gas. There are therefore a number of compact gas grills in the relevant camping and outdoor shops. But if you also want to fire with charcoal when travelling, you have to take this into account in your luggage. The grill itself stays hot much longer and is therefore difficult to store. Finally, ash is left, which also stays hot for a long time before it can be disposed of. We do not care. We want to grill with charcoal – even on the go!

Authentic charcoal grill experience on the go

We have probably found the perfect grill-to-go. Of the CUBE from the grill specialist Monday is there: no matter where the path leads you. That sounds ideal for the luggage rack of an ATV or the bed of our SxS. The idea at CUBE is to make charcoal grilling very convenient and mobile. The beautiful grill is definitely stylish and well thought out and the brochure tells us that it has already received numerous international awards. But does it also deserve the title “ATV-ready”? Just take a look.

It’s compact CUBE definitely. Only around 230 millimeters high, 425 mm wide and 347 mm deep, the trading partner Montargo supplies us with a practical cube with a chrome grill grate, a storage tray and a bamboo cutting and serving board. The whole thing is stowed in a suitable transport bag, which can be easily stowed in the suitcase or simply on the rack of your ATV. The symbiosis of ATV and CUBE It is no coincidence that the provider is no less than the Hercules Adly importer Telsnig. The grill has already cleared the first hurdle and easily reached the picnic area with us.

Convenient (and) with you everywhere

There is also space for all the accessories in the bag – from the grill tongs to the steak knife. Then we can start. The accompaniment prepares the camping table, we fire up the grill, which quickly picks up speed due to the chimney effect. Thanks to its built-in heat protection shield and the two heat-insulated carrying handles made of brushed stainless steel, the CUBE now even touch, move and sit almost anywhere. But now the grilled food is finally on. Three to four steaks or chops and a couple of sausages fit on the grill surface of 25.5 x 25.5 centimetres. The treats are cooked in no time and can be eaten as the embers are nicely concentrated on the grate.

And then? The removable charcoal insert and the triple porcelain-enamelled grill pan can be cleaned in no time at all. It takes little more than a little dish soap and water. The consumption of charcoal remained very manageable in our test grilling, the filling provided enough heat for several rounds. Conclusion: The CUBE is exactly the right device for fans of “true grilling” if you want to enjoy a great evening with friends at the grill outside in nature while you’re out and about.

Text & photos: Ralf Wilke; Monday

This post is also in ours current edition appeared. Unfortunately, we have specified another provider for the CUBE there. That is not correct! The stylish grill is exclusively available from Montargo. montargo GmbH is the exclusive importer of everdure by heston blumenthal for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Hessian company is also the exclusive sales partner in this region for the wireless meat thermometer The MeatStick, the jet fans and the NEO outdoor kitchens from EVERDURE. You can find more about this and a list of dealers on the website.



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