The tendency to falter is typical for three-wheelers that have two lanes at the front – like the Ryker and the Spyder from Can-Am. JSS-Automotive from Herscheid has a means against it.

The Ryker and Spyder have a tendency to falter due to their design. The front axle takes the entire load of the vehicle, which is particularly noticeable when cornering. JSS Automotive from Herscheid in the Sauerland, Germany, supplies Ryker drivers with a front stabilizer that is 14 millimeters (instead of the standard 10) in diameter and equipped with adjusting rings. These adjusting rings prevent lateral displacement better than the material-weakening squeezing of the originals. There, the already comparatively small diameter of the pipe is reduced again to prevent the stabilizers from shifting. The adjusting rings do not do this and are therefore much more resistant to rolling. In addition, the tuning part can be adjusted in two positions.

Countermeasure: The system significantly improves the cornering properties of a Can-Am tricycle.

As a further measure, the retrofit springs from H&R with a significantly higher spring rate are used. The spirals are progressively wound in the upper and lower winding area. In contrast to the linear original spring, these work with a significantly higher spring rate. When entering the curve, the progressive ends of the spring on the damper on the outside of the curve are fully loaded until they are completely on top of one another. The spring developed by H&R and JSS shows its advantages: The tendency to roll is reduced enormously by the increased supporting force on the damper.

The material is stronger and lasts better than the thin original.

In curves, the now chosen radius can be maintained more stable and precise. This makes cornering more dynamic and much more fun. But it is even more important that you are also safer on the road. There is no need to readjust. This brings the Ryker more advantages in this country, because instead of cruising on the highway, cornering on narrow streets is in the foreground. With the Ryker you can approach and enjoy serpentines calmly without rocking.

HR springs with a better spring rate.

Scholly’s in Drakenburg is convinced of this system and, as a JSS dealer, offers it along with an installation service. Scholly’s in Drakenburg can be found at Verdener Landstrasse 6 and on the Internet at
Here you will also find more information about the chassis optimizations as well as installation and test videos.

Text: Ralf Wilke, JSS
Photos: Martin Zink, JSS, Schollys Drakenburg

Editor’s note:
In the current Issue 3-2021 We also introduce the system to the Quadwelt on page 59. However, with incorrect information about the diameter. A mistake we apologize for. The correct numbers for the Ryker can be found above in this post.



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