The first half of 2022 was already over and the Quad kids Rhineland could their motto “We put a smile on children’s faces – we promise!“ have not yet implemented with trips for sick and disadvantaged kids. Actually the heart of the help and events, which are always well suited to fill the motto with life and to keep the promise. As was the case last year, however, the facilities for sick and handicapped children had to cancel their events or postpone them to the coming year. In some cases, the Corona measures still mean that the events have to be avoided for the benefit of the children, some of whom are seriously ill. Nevertheless, the volunteers wanted to make a contribution in the first half of 2022 and have been busy collecting donations again. These were again for the Parents’ initiative for children with cancer Sankt Augustin eV (EKKK) intended. At the end of July, Hajo and Thomas handed over the collected donations to the chairman of the initiative, Manuela Melz. She and the employees of the EKKK quickly identified the articles for the family island, a living space in which families can be accommodated while their child is being treated. Many of the articles also found a place in the cancer ward of the Sankt Augustin Children’s Hospital and its “Silver Island”. The EKKK reports that the children were made very happy. We hope that the Quadkinder Rheinland will still be able to play “live” this year and put a smile on children’s faces.


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