Team Scholly’s Kirchlinteln supports the Ride 4 Help – the pedals are properly used for a good cause.

A tradition continues …
Team Scholly’s Kirchlinteln will also support the Ride 4 Help in 2021 with a donation of 500 euros. “We see the donation as recognition for the incredible commitment of this group of cycling enthusiasts and for financial support from the Dogs for Handicaps eV association,” reports Lüder Eckhoff, managing director of Scholly’s Motorrad GmbH in Kirchlinteln.

About the RIDE 4 HELP:
Since 2005 a group of cycling enthusiasts have been pedaling in the footsteps of the Tour de France and the ‘Giro d’Italia’ to raise money for a good cause.
The next tour runs from August 23 to August 27, 2021.
Everyone, whether private person or company, can help with a donation in recognition of this incredible sporting commitment.
RIDE FOR HELP ASSOCIATION EV. supports charities that train assistance dogs, such as guide dogs for the blind or disabled assistance dogs. In addition, the association also supports charitable organizations that are particularly committed to children, such as the SOS Children’s Village.
The donations go, among other things, to the Berlin association Dogs for Handicaps eV.
About dogs for handicaps eV:
Dogs for Handicaps is a non-profit association that has been training dogs to become assistance dogs since 1991 and training people with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses together with their dogs and preparing them for the assistance dog team test.
The dogs are trained according to the needs of the future owner. Donation goal 2021: Jasmin and her assistance dog Snickers.
Jasmin is 33 years old and lives in Berlin:
“Snickers” will support me in everyday life, be it by picking up objects, removing laundry from the washing machine, operating light and elevator switches or opening and closing doors. But also taking off shoes and clothes, bringing the phone in an emergency and carrying the shopping in panniers will be part of his training.

About Team Scholly’s Kirchlinteln:
The idea and history of this strong company began in Kirchlinteln in 1983. “Scholly’s second-hand shop” opens its doors in Kirchlinteln and becomes a real insider tip among motorcyclists. In 1994 Lüder Eckhoff and Ulrich Bischoff jointly open Scholly’s in Kirchlinteln. A new building is being built at Bahnhofstrasse 6 in Kirchlinteln. This is the starting shot for a great collaboration and for a real success story in the motorcycle industry.
In addition to motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and SSVs from the Yamaha brand, Scholly’s Motorrad GmbH is also a successful Can-Am dealer and offers a large selection of Can-Am off-road and Can-Am on-road vehicles.
Regardless of whether it is “fun” or a “hard-working helper” in the field, adventurous tours on the country road or simply “cruising” in the city. Here you will find the perfect vehicle for your needs.
You can find more information on the following websites:
Ride 4 Help:
Dogs for handicaps eV:
Scholly´s Motorrad GmbH Kirchlinteln


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