Record breaking!!
In 2008, reader Sascha Heick contacted the editorial office for the first time. He and his wife call two SYM Quadlander 250 their own. At that time, the quads already had 10,000 kilometers on the clock.

A decent mileage and an article for maintenance, Sascha delivered at the same time. Almost two years later he got back to tell us that the two speedometers now show 20,000 and 26,000 kilometers respectively. In his further article in the magazine, Sascha explained to you and us in detail the corresponding measures for the life support of his vehicles. In any case, he does a lot of things right, because in 2015 we found out about the mileage of 40,000 and 67,500! A good performance for two small-displacement quads from Taiwan. Initially, technical defects were attributed to the products.

These have now been refuted again. At the beginning of May, Sascha gave the latest status by email: 90,000 kilometers! Of course, we’re interested in finding out how he did it. Because Sascha’s maintenance tips are certainly valuable for drivers of other brands and displacements and encourage imitation. However, it will take some time before the manuscript arrives. Because Sascha is on tour with his wife, busy on the way towards the 100-thousand mark. Just so much in advance: the main inspection at the TÜV went smoothly and without any defects. We are curious.


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