The “Carlstar Groupe” as the world’s leading distributor for special tires and rims provides us with the latest ATV skins from the ITP brand for the coming season.

Including the profile “Terra Hook”. The high-performance tire made in the USA is available in nine sizes and should therefore fit almost every current model. We will also test the “Coyote”, which is also suitable for use in the UTV area. Here, too, there are five different sizes to choose from. The “Terra Claw” is advertised as a great all-rounder, we will find out in the course of the season whether this is actually the case. First we will use the CF Moto 520 L for the tire test. Depending on availability, we will also equip other vehicles with ITP skins. We will also use a fancy set of ITP rims. The black “twisters” will certainly cut a fine figure.

Unfortunately, CF Moto has to vacate its winter quarters for the storage of the tires. As soon as it gets warmer again, we first have to play some Tetris in the shed so that the poor ATV also gets a dry place again. But actually the mill will be on the move a lot in the near future, as all the tires have to be moved. We do our best so that we can experience a reliable impression of the black pelts for you. You will find the results in the upcoming issues of Quadwelt magazine.


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