It’s definitely more than just a trend, Dear readers. Many municipalities, farms, forest administrations and blue light organizations have discovered ATVs and UTVs for themselves. They appear more and more often as clients or customers of the dealers in our scene. Features that we appreciate also pique the interest of decision makers. Because all-wheel drive, gear reduction and non-slip tires not only help leisure and hobby drivers.

For the scene, it is currently clearly in the direction of “utility”. Therefore, this time we are dedicating a certain focus to the topic. So we used the UTVs of our comparison and the Kodiak on a horse farm, tried out the new Promax in a harvest operation. And Kubota is also back with a revised model. Professional and everyday users appreciate that a four-wheeler from our categories is comparatively cheap and easy to use. Nevertheless, an adaptation to the respective application is often necessary. For example, a mountain rescue service in the Alps needs different equipment than the German Red Cross for the medical service on a public hiking day or during a motocross race. Corresponding conversions and conversions are good business for many dealers, some have already specialized.

Maybe there will also be one or the other idea for “Otto-Normal-Fahrer” and you will soon help the neighbors in the forest with the firewood. It is gratifying that the scene is alive again after Corona and that we can also report on many things outside of “Utility”.

That’s why we say, as so often:
Have fun at work, sport and play as well as reading your Quadwelt issue.

Ralf Wilke, Editor-in-Chief

price and performance

The Promax ATV models distributed by Quadix from Bamberg come from Linhai. A manufacturer who always knows how to surprise with a good price/performance ratio. Can the new Promax 500 do that too?

The best horse in the stable

The name UTV – Utility Terrain Vehicle = all-terrain utility vehicle – says it all: The vehicles are willing helpers and supporters for countless jobs. They have to be versatile, flexible and highly suitable for off-road use. In addition powerfully motorized. Does all this also apply to the smaller specimens? We’re testing that.

Not just for hunters

Exclusive camouflage look, extensive standard equipment and robust off-road technology: Polaris also offers the Sportsman 570 EPS as a Hunter Edition. Its optical distinguishing features include 14-inch aluminum rims with wide lugs and front and rear bumpers. We’ll clarify what the sportsman can do in hunting gear.

professional tool

Professional users such as companies, municipalities or administrations rely on quality and reliability. Because failures or downtime are expensive. The Kubota RTV-X1110 is a durable, robust work vehicle for exactly that clientele.

A bear in the paddock

What would normally be dreadful news is, in the case of Yamaha’s Kodiak 700 EPS, a blessing. We test what the utility flagship of the Japanese does in everyday life and how it handles a riding arena planner.


Last year’s flood disaster clearly showed how important all-terrain vehicles are for the professional emergency services of the blue light family.

cult status

The sound, the smell, the speed – and the Yamaha Banshee sped by. The two-stroke scent is in the air for a long time, you can still hear it, the quad is already around the corner. Can you escape the fascination of this legend?

With due cause

The Quad and ATV Friends Schleswig-Rendsburg have been active for ten years now. If that’s not a reason to celebrate… So did the four-wheel fans.

Aimless through France

Our neighboring country is considered a paradise for motorized travelers in many of its regions. This regularly attracts many of them to the beautiful landscapes. So did David and his family.

Equipped kitchen

The purpose of the kitchen box from XOBI is diverse and can range from a small romantic dinner on the green meadow, leisure activities or festival visits to camping holidays.

Compact urine-diverting toilet

Anyone who often goes to ATV and quad meetings and travels in a self-built van also needs a toilet. We tested the hyped BOXIO separation toilet.

Off-road trailer in use

After our off-road trailer was completed, we were on the road with it. We tell what we think is good and what we would do differently.

Drive like an Egyptian

The pharaoh would certainly have liked the new suit from the specialist POLO, as functional and cool as it is. She already bears his name. We’ll find out what she can do.

Ultimate off-road adventure

Under this motto, the Balkan Offroad Rally celebrated its big anniversary comeback! The international motorsport event ventured into new territory with its tenth edition.


A race is exciting for participants, organizers, spectators and above all for the teams. The latter are indispensable for motor sports enthusiasts and something like a small logistics company: transport space, workshop service, first aid, catering and mental support are part of the portfolio of a pit crew.

Other topics:

CForce for sale!

X5 – that’s the name of a well-known SUV from Bavaria. CFMOTO has also announced that their successful 450cc and 520cc ATVs will be offered with a number of upgrades and design changes for the coming year.

RANGER for the fire department

BigAirMax from Simmerath in the Eifel has meanwhile made a name for itself among the blue light organizations. Marco Steines’ team equips and converts ATVs and UTVs according to the operational requirements of the rescue services.

Morocco, Bulgaria and a lifelong dream

Eble 4×4 presents its travel program for 2023. Here are just a few highlights: Already in mid-March, it’s time to get out of the winter and head into the desert to Morocco. Right behind the tour hotel is the Erg Chebbi, the largest dune field in Morocco. The participants cross the exciting desert landscape for six days. This is also the case with the Tuareg Rally. There, Eble 4×4 may even make dreams come true: driving a desert rally.

ILAFA is electrified

Starting on page 14, we test the UTVs in the 500cc class. Including the Sector 550 EPS from Hisun. The cheap UTV is imported and distributed by ILAFA GmbH. In our comparison, the commercial vehicle performed well and was also able to convince in the individual test at the Burggarten winery in the Ahr Valley. At the time this issue went to press, the importer surprised us with the news that the Sector would also be available in an electric version in the future.

LIROS has a rope for you

The specialist company from Bavaria has been manufacturing ropes since 1854. Today they specialize in technical fiber ropes. They fly through the air with parachutes and paragliders, sail around the world in ships, pull wood out of the forest with a winch, are used in automobile construction and many other industries.

Keep the overview

The new Koso RS-2 is a multifunction meter aimed at those drivers who want to keep an eye on their performance and log data. The RS-2 allows you to save the target speed, target distance, top speed and maximum RPM.

Strong partnership

Thorsten Arenz has been part of the team at Euskirchen-based quad manufacturer EXEET since April last year. At this point, the economist took over the commercial management: “The potential behind the brand appeals to me,” says Thorsten as the reason for his move from MAN manager to our scene.

All good things come in… mud!

“Dirty, muddy, awesome” are the three words that sum up the stubble cross in Tschirma the easiest way. The starting places for this third edition were allocated within a short time.

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