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A number of manufacturers are making themselves really rare at the moment. Hardly any innovations, at most facelifts or fun new colors and stickers. This also reduces the commitment of the importers to be active in the scene and to present themselves. Countless events were canceled by the organizers. No budget, no vehicles, no interest. The fact that the scene has not literally dried up in recent months is thanks to the many capable traders who, despite everything – Corona, economic crisis, inflation – You, dear readers and us media professionals who kept our spirits up and in a good mood.

In addition to sales, service and workshops, some dealers also managed meetings, trips and get-togethers. This enthusiasm isn’t just about doing business, it’s a commitment to our scene. Let’s just think about it when the ordered spare part is a long time coming and the resentment grows because of it. Because nothing makes you forget a rumbling in your stomach better than being there on your beloved four-wheeler with like-minded people at a great event.

Just outside – outdoor, as we like to say in modern German. Younger generations and young families in particular live and enjoy the outdoor trend of sleeping in the great outdoors, being able to drive to another place independently and always flexibly. By ATV, Quad or SxS. A beautiful symbiosis, which we are once again taking into account with this issue.

Let us lure you outdoors, check out the new products on the market and in the industry with us and also read what’s new from retailers and in the outdoor area.

We wish you a lot of fun and reading pleasure

Ralf Wilke, Editor-in-Chief

A real road vehicle

With its new 900 R model, EXEET raises the bar in the field of street quads a good bit higher. The first model of the series, which has left the halls in Euskirchen, leaves a convincing impression.

All-wheel drive power tool

Electric UTVs are still very rare. Still – because Quadix from Bamberg is currently developing the E-Boss, the electric version of the successful T-Boss. Quadwelt was allowed to drive the vehicle exclusively.

Polaris: major upgrades!

Targeted optimization and a further expanded range of options: Polaris Offroad has extensively revised its current range in response to constantly growing customer requirements in terms of performance and customization.

Small workhorse makes an impression!

With a new model, all-new styling, engine and handling characteristics, CFMOTO is redesigning its offering in the “small” UTV class. It’s surprising what the new UForce 600 can do.

For young savages

Hardly any other manufacturer offers as many youth models as Polaris. Including two interesting side-by-sides. The RZR 200 EFI is the sporty one for kids aged ten and over.


It runs at CFMOTO. The Chinese manufacturer has done a lot of image and model maintenance in recent years and is now one of the most popular brands. Finally it was the turn of the beginners. The 450 and 520 are back from the cure.

Nice weekend!

The new Promax from Quadix has everything an ATV needs. However, it is “only” equipped with just under 300 ccm displacement. Is that the decisive fun brake or is something with the beginner? Let’s try it.

New look and limited editions

This is what Yamaha promises: In 2023, the styling of many vehicles will be refreshed with new colors and graphics. Off-road fans will be delighted with the technical improvements aimed at those who want something very special.

Square – practical – embers!

When it comes to grilling, opinions differ. For many, gas or coal is almost a creed. At least the coal fraction was disadvantaged because of the higher effort on the way. Until now. We test the CUBE for ATV suitability.

One weekend – 350 off-road fans – Great memories

Bright sunshine and maximum temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees: The first weekend in July was perfect for the 10th edition of the Camp Polaris & Friends event series. Around 350 participants with around 160 ATVs/Quads and 40 side-by-sides from all over Germany accepted Polaris’ invitation and experienced two days of off-road fun – and a great supporting program.

Helpers in the Pampa

Flail mowers are ideal for maintenance work on roadsides, meadows, pastures, green areas or orchards as well as all areas with high grass or undergrowth. It’s all in the “Hessian Pampa”.

Wroclaw Rally 2022

The Breslau Rally started in Poland again this year. However, with a reduced starting field. Still, it was a really big rally.

Adventure on your doorstep

David van den Broeck lives in Belgium. This means that not only the nearby Ardennes are easily accessible for him and his wife Els, but also the border areas in Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He takes advantage of this and experiences the most beautiful stories almost right around the corner.

Get involved at the front

After many racing series had to be paused in the last two years due to the pandemic, they have slowly but surely got going again since the end of last year. Among other things, the German Quad Motocross Championship will take place again.

Other topics:

Mandrill: Everything from a single source

The new brand from Germany in the Electric UTV/ SxS vehicle sector is now taking off. The 12-strong Mandrill team looks back on more than nine years of experience in the field of hybrid and e-drive development!

POLO is going full throttle for 2023

At the start of the coming season, POLO is opening three new stores in the DACH region. In Gronau, Westphalia, on the border with the Netherlands, the excavators have already left and the builders have taken over. In the new building built for POLO, the POLO Crew Gronau is expected to welcome its customers from March at Borgwardstraße 2. Easy to reach, as it is relatively close to the B54/ A31, the accessories multinational from North Rhine-Westphalia presents the latest trends for motorcycle protective clothing on almost 750 m² of retail space. accessories and technology.

On to the off-road weekend

From October 14-16, 2022, Moto Car Wiesmoor will host an off-road weekend for quads, ATVs and SxS in the off-road part of the Circuit Meppen – formerly known as Funpark Meppen. “We are very happy that after the sale of the Meppen fun park, we were also welcomed with open arms by the new owners,” says Christian Böhnke, Junior Manager at Moto Car Wiesmoor.

Forest work becomes a pleasure

An ATV has many advantages in the forest: it is light, fast and manoeuvrable. You can transport loads on and behind the vehicle. Vehicle Bogner GmbH from Weißenburg have therefore thought about how an ATV could be used most efficiently. This is how the QSB forestry track came about. A simple and inexpensive attachment to get the maximum performance from the deployed ATVs.

Pharaoh Torc WP textile jacket

Pharaoh’s new line of clothing is the best companion for every path, journey and adventure. Whether the compass needle points north, south, west or east, with over 30 years of experience in touring apparel, the new collection is maximally functional. The entry point is the new Pharaoh Torc WP textile jacket.

ATVs for Zweibrücker blue light family

The Zweibrücker fire brigade, the German Red Cross and the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund were each able to receive an ATV from GOES. The vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive, winch, flashing lights, siren, suitcases, searchlights and much more. The Zweibrücker Autohaus Dahler, which specializes in off-road vehicles, lends the three vehicles to the aid organizations for a year.

Start-ups take off

XOBI – that is real handwork “Made in Germany” from Bavaria. Among other things, Dimitri and Christoph use bamboo, a sustainable and hard-wearing raw material, for their portable outdoor kitchens. Everything else that is needed to produce the practical devices is obtained from partner companies in the vicinity. The kitchens are suitable for camping trips as well as for leisure activities, e.g. B. swimming trips or festivals.

Anniversary at Hofmann

Yamaha Warrior, AEON Cobra 100 – these were the first quad models that Walter Hofmann was able to exhibit in his shop in Niederaula in Hesse. Vehicles to remember once you’ve been around the scene for a while. This has now been the case at Motorrad Hofmann for 30 years. On June 1, 1992, the “Motorcycle Adventure World” was launched.

Water? March!

P. Lindberg GmbH from Grossenwiehe in northern Germany is increasingly becoming a point of contact for users of ATVs and UTVs. The range of accessories is broad and leaves hardly any wishes or requirements unanswered. The spectrum ranges from simple trailers to special equipment such as the flail mower, which we present from page 74. The galvanized watering trailer with its generous 400 liter water tank is a versatile helper for gardening and landscaping as well as riding stables.

Smile even without exits

The first half of 2022 is already over and the Quadkinder Rheinland have not yet been able to implement their motto “We put a smile on children’s faces – I promise!” with trips for sick and disadvantaged kids. Actually the heart of the help and events, which are always well suited to fill the motto with life and to keep the promise. As was the case last year, however, the facilities for sick and handicapped children had to cancel their events or postpone them to the coming year.

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