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For our cover story we sent Quadwelt editor Martin Zink to the Polish Pomerania for the Breslau rally. We just wanted to know what it feels like to sit in the cockpit of a sports UTV with the road book in front of you, the competition behind you. A challenge, dear readers, that you too can accept. Because the Breslau is suitable for experienced competitors as well as for those who just want to get a taste of the atmosphere. Gather experience. Our special in the sports section and our accompanying feature explain online what you need. Without a road book and without a plan, three ATV fans started the “Quer-durch’s-Land-Tour”. Not as strictly organized as a rally, but certainly no less beautiful. Rough north and go. But even those who set off at random must prepare themselves and their vehicle. Different than that
Rally drivers, but certainly with no less meticulousness, want to be prepared for unforeseen situations. Experience is a good advisor. We’ll share these with you and take you on tour. Our test reports are based on the experiences made with the respective vehicles. Some of them have come together again in this issue, some of them quite unusual. Ultimately, our clothing test should learn what “waterproof” means in practice
show. In the absence of rain, this can also be demonstrated by a C-hose on the hydrant.
You have to make experiences

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

The wolf in wolf’s clothing

Yamaha showed us the new Wolverine RMAX 2 1000. We tested extensively off-road what the new vehicle can do.

A little closer to heaven

SHADE – Importer MLT calls its ATV models from Access. No less than eleven versions with different designs and displacements are available. Sky, however, would be the exact opposite of shadow. We shed some light on this special model of the 850 series.


This is not the first time that a product from the stormy post-war years has been revived. For example the legendary swallow. But there are also vehicles in the three- and four-wheeled area that had a high technical standard at the time of their development. This definitely includes the Messerschmitt cabin scooter, which aroused desires in its time.

A project by the Gelmers family

At first glance, the Gelmers family’s quad is mistaken for a Yamaha YFZ. However, the competition vehicle is a completely in-house construction. Born out of boredom.

Childlike compact

The Polaris Outlaw 70 is a completely new model from the Americans, which they now even produce themselves. The new ATV for young people comes off the assembly line in their own factories instead of outside companies. Good for the kids.

Striving for fascination

BRP continues to focus on improving the driving experience with its entire product range. Can-Am Off-Road is a shining example of this, while the Can-Am On-Road brand is also entering the year 2022 with great momentum. Let’s take a look at what’s to come from Canada.

A ranger in the Welsh hill country

The extensive grounds of the Pen Isa Dre Farm, which extend over the countless hills of the region around Abergele in north Wales, offer the ideal application area for side-by-sides like the Polaris RANGER Diesel.

A tough guy

Tires, tires, tires – a central topic for ATV drivers. Hardly any other part of the vehicle has so much influence on driving behavior, driving enjoyment and on getting ahead. That is why we always stay on the ball and present you with suitable material. This time the Coyote from ITP. Made for real racing cars.

A case for the case of the case

It is out of the question: Compulsory helmets for quads and ATVs make just as much sense as compulsory seat belts in cars. But how do I know the quality of a helmet? In standardization, for example! The new helmet standard ECE 2206 proves whether a helmet is safe and does its job in the event of a crash or fall – namely protecting the wearer’s head.

ICON understands the driver

Traveling a lot and for a long time is not always pure joy. Wind and weather can make a day too salty. It’s good when you’re properly dressed.

The QUADTeam takes off

The members of the QUADTeam like to call themselves gentlemen on four wheels. Their quota of women is not to be despised. The ladies are then just the ladies and whoever can’t decide is welcome anyway. In any case, after a long dry spell, the short 2021 season started with a mega event for all quad fans.

Purely women’s business

Settling-in time, size and physical strength do not play a role in the Can-Am tricycles in order to be able to control them. So actually an ideal vehicle for women. Yet only 20 percent of customers are female. That should change, not only wants Quadwelt editor Simone Willmann. It shows us a slightly different way of presenting the current models.

Across the country tour 2021

Be on the road together, whether it’s a big or a small tour. That is what Mud-Wheels Franken eV do best. The cross-country tour is already part of the club’s tradition. This year the northern part of the republic was explored: seven federal states, 1,470 kilometers in eight days.

The mega edition of the Wroclaw Rally

Usually around 180 participants regularly take part in the Wroclaw Rally. In 2021, however, there were over 400. We were there live at this mega-edition.

Live there

A strenuous undertaking, which, however, enabled insights that are not possible in any other way: Quadwelt editor Martin Zink took part in the side-by-side class as a navigator in this mega-edition of Wroclaw. Together with driver Matthias Krüger, he drove a Wildcat that had been extensively converted by DAKTEC from Rathenow. What else do you need to take part? We explained this to experienced rally drivers and immediately tried out their tips.

Other topics:

A great day for Tim

Tim is in a wheelchair. He is still a huge quad and ATV fan, even if driving himself is unfortunately not possible for him. Last June, the members of the North-Quads community from the districts of Leer and Emden and from the neighboring Netherlands decided to pay him a visit.

GCC 2021 – Schefflenz pulls the rip cord

At the beginning of June Offroad – Germany was still on the way back to “normality” and the Maxxis Cross Country Championship should take place this year in at least a hull version. The planning was in full swing. But due to the worsening corona situation, the universally forecast fourth wave and all the associated restrictions,….

Forest ridge rail from Bogner

The forest log rail from Quad Solutions Bogner is a supplement for forest and forest work for private forest owners
and forestry companies. The area of ​​application includes not only the small wood harvest and the maintenance of young stock, but you can also move trees, bushes and branches quickly and easily with minimal maneuvering effort from narrow and inaccessible areas in connection with an all-wheel drive ATV or UTV.

All-round talent for a wide variety of surfaces

With the CST Apache CU-AT, MAXXIS International GmbH has added a new ATV utility tire to its range. The all-round talent suitable for competition acts effortlessly in extremely difficult, hard and medium-hard terrain. Due to its technical parameters, the CST Apache CUAT has proven itself excellently in hard to intermediate terrain.

KIOTI test drives

In order to present the broad product portfolio live to its customers, KIOTI Germany is also holding a roadshow this year
and stops at eleven locations across Germany. The manufacturer of compact tractors is presenting its product portfolio in order to support the strongly developed dealer network in sales. In addition to many models, new equipment options will also be presented and the employees will be able to offer a preview of some news.

Fursten Forest Offroadpark open

We have all waited a long time for this moment after the pandemic had to be closed for a long time in 2020, until July 1st this year. But since then we have been able to give fans full throttle again. This year the Fursten Forest offers all the usual activities: quad, buggy, jeep tours, laser game, monster truck, stunt training, tank rides and much more.

The training device with handlebars

If that is no reason to finally start fitness training: PRAEP. The innovative part is very reminiscent of the handlebars of your quad and lies in the hand like one. The multiple award-winning model ProPilot will quickly become the most effective training tool you have ever had!

buy online

Shopping on the internet is booming. Shopping from the sofa is experiencing an upswing, and not just because of the corona pandemic. There are also the convenient selection and payment options of good web shops. Quadix from Bamberg also operates one of these. The busy importer of the ATVs from STELS and Linhai as well as the popular buggies has topped up again online.

Promise kept

We put a smile on children’s faces. That is the promise of the Quadkinder Rheinland / Niederrhein. This particularly refers to the kids who are not on the sunny side of life, who sometimes go through serious illnesses or who have to endure handicaps.

With distance. Unmatched.

ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2021 in Bad Kissingen shows the entire spectrum of the international off-road and motorhome scene with over 350 exhibitors from all over the world. The product range on the over 100,000 square meter area includes almost the entire 4 × 4 life, the complete range of the off-road and all-wheel drive scene. From the main production vehicles, SUVs, ATVs
and pick ups through to travel and expedition vehicles.

Real hits

They’re great – these Rollplay ATVs. The supplier’s electric vehicles include a few great speedsters that not only give the impression of a real racing car. With its super-large XL tires, light effects and realistic engine noises, the quad looks really good!

QJC American Summer 2021

Celebrate parties as they come. That could be a motto of the team at the QJC Power-SportCenter in Brühl, Baden. Because the committed dealer and his team regularly organize great events for friends and customers. And so all ATV, quad, Spyder, Ryker and side-by-side pilots were invited to this year’s summer festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 24th and 25th, 2021

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