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Our two-wheeler colleagues have a heated discussion on the cheek. It’s about the volume of motorcycles. Because of a few idiots who are too loud on the road, all motorcyclists are lumped together and affected. Driving bans and stricter regulations threaten. It is therefore almost a miracle, dear readers, that concerned citizens and politicians do not seem to have us on their radar in this regard. There are some people among us who mistake noise for more performance or fun. We can hardly influence the rolling noise of our studded tires, but we can influence the sound of our exhaust systems and our gas thumbs. Our comparatively manageable scene already has enough theater with homologations, approvals and accident statistics. There is definitely no need for a noise discussion on top of that. That we can do otherwise was shown by the few events that have taken place despite Corona so far. Such as the one in HOOPE-PARK, an off-road course that is actually closed to us. There you could see how ATV, UTV and quad riders harmonize and have fun together. A few simple rules, a little consideration and understanding – and it went. In any case, the neighboring citizens’ initiative had nothing to complain about.
It works, thinks

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

The last of their kind?

Real sports drivers don’t have it easy at the moment. Several manufacturers of popular quads have completely withdrawn from the MX and enduro market. Not so with Yamaha and E.ATV. Both brands continue to supply highly potent competitor machines as standard.

Flagships on course

Two 700 ATVs that couldn’t be more different. Or do Yamaha’s Grizzly and the MXU from KYMCO have more in common than their design and intended use initially suggest? In any case, they each represent the top model of their brand. For that reason alone, the two are comparable.

Workhorse at a low price

QUADIX brings Linhai back to Germany. A UTV is among the first vehicles to be available at launch. We take a look at the T-Boss 550.

A new perennial favorite

Yamaha takes care of the offspring. With an enthusiastic, completely uncomplicated vehicle, getting started is at least as much fun for parents as it is for aspiring racing drivers.

Russian roadster

Quadix brings a new touring ATV: The Guepard 800 Touring Red. We were on the road with it and show what to expect.

Willingness to work established!

CORVUS from Spain provides us with a new utility vehicle. A powerful diesel engine, clever detailed solutions and solid quality should help the new UTVs “Made in Europe” to break through. So go ahead – get to work!

Solar power

Anyone who travels to meetings and events by quad or ATV does not want to do without a certain level of comfort. Power supply is an important aspect, for example to ensure cooling for perishable food. Solar panels help to produce the necessary electricity. We try three different models.

Beginners go on vacation – pros go camping!

Have fun! And having that, of course, has something to do with freedom, which you can currently enjoy nowhere better than while camping. That’s why we went with bags and bags, UTV and ATV and tried out some great camping products for you.

Dalamtien’s jewels

As a holiday destination, Croatia is becoming increasingly popular, especially because of its amazing people and landscapes. The country still has travel destinations that have so far been spared from mass tourism. This makes it a worthwhile goal for us. Geographical and driving jewels invite you. Welcome to Dalmatia.

Family days of the Quadfreunde Wieslauf

At the end of July the Quadfreunde Wieslauf celebrated this year’s summer festival. The Knauss family (Dieter, Anita and Serina) made the space available on their private property. On Saturday morning, the helpers were invited to a hearty breakfast. By then a lot had already been prepared for the family day and everyone was surprised what they got to see.

Anti-virus software

Rainer Böhnke and his team were not shocked. Not from the corona virus, not from the associated requirements and also not from the limited number of participants. So they set up a meeting in June – or wheels – and called the scene to Hoope near Bremen.

Other topics:

Twin Air air filter for Adly Hurricane

The “tuning” of your Adly with a proper air filter proves to be breathable, so to speak. The standard fabric is quickly dirty and clogged, especially after off-road use. It cannot be cleaned and must be replaced.

New ATV / UTV catalog from PARTS EUROPE

The new ATV / UTV 2020 catalog from PARTS EUROPE is available online in German! Here you will find everything you need to maintain, tune and optimally equip quads, ATVs and UTVs. On more than 1,300 pages, enthusiasts will find all kinds of equipment and accessories to fully exploit the versatility of our four-wheeled powerhouses.

Bell comes from Bihr

Bell’s off-road helmets are legendary. At the latest since the “Moto-3”, known among motorsport fans, the brand has enjoyed the highest reputation and is considered the developer of the motocross helmets in their current form. Often copied – unmatched. Time has advanced, and so has technology.

Invest for the future

At the end of 2018, a lot of ground was moved and invested by Michael Leeb Trading GmbH. The goal is to have its own production site that meets the future requirements and demands of Access Motor. The new production site will in future consist of 6,000 square meters of pure production area.

15 inches for sporty side-by-sides

Established manufacturers of Sport-SxS – such as Yamaha, Can-Am, Polaris or CFMOTO – usually offer their vehicles with 14-inch wheels. However, more and more powerful engines and thus more horsepower under the hood are the trend in vehicles, which is why they are retrofitted with larger tires. Mostly with 15 inch wheels.

The Russians are there

The well-known exclamation from comic plumber Röhrig now also applies to Switzerland. Motax GmbH is now the general importer for the ATVs STELS. Both versions of the Guepard Trophy Pro are in the range, the 850 and the 650.

SPORTSMAN 570 plus Kolpin transport box

The Polaris SPORTSMAN 570 is one of the absolute bestsellers in the ATV segment in all its model variants. In addition to the reduction in VAT in Germany to 16 percent, customers in Germany and Austria can now benefit from another attractive special offer.

Defied Corona

The responsible office stipulated strict hygiene and “open air”. Quadfactory Beitler from Central Germany was able to welcome 130 guests to the traditional Open Day. But it was worth it for them.

Change at Scholly’s

Team Scholly’s with its branches in 27308 Kirchlinteln and 31623 Drakenburg stands after 26 years of company existence
a great welcome change. “My ‘baby’ Scholly’s Drakenburg is now going into other hands,” says founder and managing director Lüder Eckhoff.

Polaris RANGER EV “Edition EBLE4x4”

Everyone is talking about electromobility. The funding pots are full and the auto industry is bringing one e-vehicle to the market after another. In keeping with the trend, Polaris is the only manufacturer to offer a vehicle with an electric motor with its RANER EV.

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