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Crazy how fast time flies!

Don’t you think that too often? Dear readers? Especially when leafing through photo albums or scrolling through the computer’s hard drive. Having just been baptized, the child has already experienced its first day of school, and suddenly it is already behind the wheel of the family carriage. We had a similar experience with the production of this anniversary edition. We felt like we were just sitting at the table in the publishing house and discussing the contents of the first issue, the side-by-sides have been there since “yesterday” and the ATVs with a displacement of one thousand cubic centimeters are new.
No, all that was years ago. But much is still well remembered and therefore seems so close. While rummaging through our archives, we came across many treasures, anecdotes and stories. That brings back memories. Of curious vehicles, crazy ideas, lavish parties, great trips, cool meetings and interesting trade fairs. In 20 years we have experienced a lot, a lot together with you, our readership.
So our round birthday is a good opportunity to look back and review our experiences. We do this from page 58 and tell you our very personal stories about our favorite topic. You are welcome to do the same and introduce us to your highlight from the scene on our Facebook page or by e-mail, as many of you have already done in the last 20 years and generated great stories with it. Thanks for that at this point.
And of course we’ll give one out too! It starts on page 68.

Scroll through quickly and join in, recommends

Ralf Wilke, Editor-in-Chief

A short pleasure

Egg-laying wool milk sows are called all-rounders these days. One for all. This applies in particular to ATVs in the classic sense: at best, you only need one vehicle for “every” purpose. The new Access could be just that.

Pure driving pleasure

Trikes polarize. Either you like them or you don’t. There is nothing in between. Or is it? We are looking for the answer with the new PUR3 from rewaco.

Strong newcomer

The Villain is the newest vehicle in the powersports division of the Chinese manufacturer Segway. We drove the new side-by-side as a pre-series vehicle.

Battle of the flagships

About four years ago, CFMOTO introduced its CForce 1000. Since then, the brand’s flagship has been swimming at the top of the registration statistics and in the high-capacity ATV market segment. ODES has now also set sail and for its part is bringing a thousand on course. We both navigated through their usual fairway.

The cargo carrier UTV

As diverse as the possible uses of UTVs are – there are always new challenges to which the “all-rounders” have to be adapted. Good that this is possible.

Good for wine

The range of uses for UTVs is almost unmanageable. The vehicles can be adapted for almost any application. Does that also apply to the “smaller” specimens? We’ll check it out with the new Hisun Sector 550 at a winemaker’s.


On the go on a tour, at the campsite or at a meeting, you want to eat something tasty quickly and easily. The SKOTTI Grill Max is just the right utensil for this.

20 years of quad world

Our / your quad world is “zeroing” for the second time these days. A milestone birthday or anniversary is a good reason to celebrate. But also one to look back and say “THANK YOU”.

Having fun in the park

On the first weekend in May, the friendly quad dealers Moto Car Wiesmoor from Lower Saxony and Moto-Point from Brecht in the southern Eifel region organized a brand-open off-road weekend at the Meppen Fun Park for the fifth time.

Children’s day with obstacles

Angie and the Windecker RZR friends were active again. What was initially planned as an excursion ended up being held as a meeting. The kids didn’t care.

Children’s eyes shine again

After a two-year Corona break, the “Happy Children’s Hearts” initiative is finally active again. The organizers are known for their free children’s quad rides, where seriously ill children can forget their worries and problems for a few hours and enjoy a trip on four wheels.

One of the best

He is one of the fastest and most talented drivers in German Quad MX: Miro Romeo Cappuccio, 18 years old from Groß-Zimmern. The student has been riding quads since he was four years old and has secured a place in the national and international MX championships in recent years.

As much as possible

Helmets are compulsory and that’s a good thing. As far as further clothing is concerned, quad and ATV riders are not obliged to pay attention to their safety. But, who wants to slide down the asphalt without good safety clothing or risk their skin on the gravel bed off-road? Let’s talk about it.

Like a pro at work

According to Viamontis, it has redefined vehicle care. The young company produces effective premium products from high-quality raw materials for quick, easy and material-friendly vehicle care. We tried them.

It continues inside

After our off-road trailer was completed in terms of chassis and box, we expanded it electrically. We give tips on how to do it.

Other topics:

Well protected

More and more aid and rescue organizations, municipal administrations and forestry companies are adding the versatile ATVs to their fleets. So does the German Red Cross. To support their valuable work, they recently received safety helmets from THOR. Importer Parts Europe made a number of the off-road models available to Sector.

record breaking

In 2008, reader Sascha Heick contacted the editorial office for the first time. He and his wife call two SYM Quadlander 250 their own. At that time, the quads already had 10,000 kilometers on the clock. A decent mileage and an article for maintenance, Sascha delivered at the same time. At the beginning of May, Sascha gave the latest status by email: 90,000 kilometers!

A new regulars’ table

Regulars’ tables are great: you spend time with like-minded people, have a few nice hours and – in the case of quad and ATV fans – like to talk a lot of petrol. The headquarters of Automobilservice Schmitz had turned out to be the starting point for such a get-together.

Fred is always there

At the bakery in the morning, in the canteen at noon, on a shopping spree in the afternoon and at the cinema in the evening: Fred is there. Fred is Feuerwear’s wallet and impresses both inside and out with its design, function and sustainability.

Flail mower by P. Lindberg

Some time ago, landscaping professional P. Lindberg surprised us with a wide-ranging ATV program. But it is also worth taking a look at the North German range for accessories. Flail mowers, for example, are ideal for maintenance work on roadsides, meadows, pastures, green spaces or orchards and all areas with tall grass or undergrowth.

Equip Ryker with cases

The QJC PowerSportCenter team is known for a number of tuning measures on all types of our four-wheelers. However, it is often the small details that make life easier for drivers. And so a case system for the Can-Am Ryker is now available from QJC.

CFMOTO Racing Team with a new name

At the Fenix ​​Rally in Tunisia, the CFMOTO Racing Team took first and second place in the ATV classification. Shortly before the next race in Albania in early June, the ATV team announced that it would be starting as the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team from now on.

Vintage helmets from MTR

MTR Jet Fiber (Jet), MTR Vintage (Integral) and MTR Vintage MX (Cross) are the names of the three models and convey a good portion of the lifestyle of the wild 60s and 70s. As befits classic helmets, they all have a solid fiberglass shell, with the Jet Fiber having an elaborate metal flake finish.

FLM Ram Air textile jacket

Sporty and functional through the summer – no problem with the new FLM Ram Air textile jacket. Now the long-awaited time of airy protective clothing is back. With the new FLM Ram Air textile jacket you are well prepared for the heat battle of 2022.

There are still places available!

E.-ATV Adventure World offers interesting off-road tours. This year you can still accompany Clemens and his team. Namely to Spain and Morocco.

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