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The left to say hello

Recently, readers and users of a motorcycle magazine discussed whether trike drivers should be greeted with the casual greeting customary among two-wheelers. There were pros and cons. Among us quad and ATV drivers, it has also become common practice to briefly lift our left hand off the handlebars to say hello at random encounters. A nice, friendly gesture, dear readers, that we should offer to all those who have to put on a helmet to drive. Because under the head protection there is usually someone with whom we probably have more in common than the number of bikes suggests. Sitting on – instead of – in a vehicle doesn’t just mean being exposed to the elements. Rather, you perceive the surroundings and the route very intensively, feel the technology working, enjoy a feeling of freedom and independence.
We often gain distance from everyday life. But – who of you doesn’t know that? Therefore, we do not even have a discussion, as described at the beginning. We are happy about the enrichment of the scene with the trikes, which can often be found in connection with quads and ATVs. Regardless of whether the individual wheel rotates at the front of the vehicle or at the rear. That is not the only reason why we are again presenting two fascinating vehicles to you in this issue. They look good among the numerous four-wheelers on the following pages! Or?
Greetings – with links –

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

The dream of driving

The heads of creative people actually smoke all the time. Always new ideas want to be realized, dreams should come true. That is why a new EXEET regularly leaves the production facility in Euskirchen. Sebastian Jornitz’s current idea is a customer’s dream come true: The new RR is here.

What more do you want?

Smaller ATVs are booming and are currently popular. Are they just for beginners or are they vehicles with added value and maybe that certain something? We are checking this using the new Copper 3.0 from GOES.

Jagged around the corner

Even if some manufacturers and importers don’t like it: numerous quad fans drive – often exclusively – on the road. This is not possible without approval and appropriate equipment. Taiwanese products in particular are finding their way into the relevant market niche. Like Access with the XTREME Supermoto 480.

Sporty on tour

The KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT combines the performance of its sister model “R”, a real racer, with more comfort and equipment for long journeys. The result is a bike for tight and sporty tours. Fortunately, both models are also available as quads – like almost all KTMs. What did E.-ATV transfer to the four-wheeler SUPER DUKE GT?

Modesty is an ornament

Yes, it works without her! Anyone who travels with a rewaco trike knows what they are getting into. Not only the mobile pedestal is an absolute eye-catcher, no, the driver and passenger are also exposed to the gaze of other road users and passers-by. Fortunately, the response is consistently positive, so that as a trike driver you are always in a good mood.

Alien meets Spyder

To own something unique that one is proud of, that is certainly the wish of many. Basically: nothing falls into your lap, you have to be active. This is how Bernd from Kreuztal did it. He presents us his unique Can-Am Spyder.

An indispensable employee

From excavated soil to cuttings of roadside greenery to maintaining a flawless English cricket turf: MW Agri Ltd. is one of the top addresses when it comes to landscaping in the southeastern county of Hertfordshire. Lightweights like the Polaris RANGER are required for some tasks.

Longing for Ireland

Despite the rain, there is no shortage of declarations of love for Ireland. For our author Roland Marske, too, the Green Island is a place of longing, a landscape of the soul that wants to be experienced with all of the senses. He was on the windswept west coast with his ATV for six weeks. His conclusion: to talk about Ireland is like trying to put a feeling into words.

Cooling in bulk

Sometimes it has to be a little more. Those who have enough space are happy to take large cool boxes with them to the ATV meeting. Preferably those with two subjects. We are therefore putting large two-zone cool boxes through their paces. Even in the sauna!

A real bank

In the meantime, electricity has become an essential substance for our vehicles, and it is basically needed in a precisely weighed amount in the form of a battery, not just to start the engine. Many electrical consumers need the “juice” in order to provide correct service. It can happen that the electricity account is overdrawn from time to time. This is where the new charger from CTEK comes in. The CS FREE grants an electricity loan that you only have to repay annually.

A blast for security

Falling over or even rolling over with the ATV – horror! How quickly did that happen! Inexperienced users in particular run the risk of being “buried” by their four-wheeler after making a driving mistake. Air-ROPS provides a remedy here.

Spread yourself out

Tianjin Wanda Tire Group Co. Ltd. is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. In terms of quality, the manufacturer can meet all European requirements for high-quality tires. The Chinese provider has been increasingly active in the American market since 2019 under the brand name OBOR. Now with us too.

The rust on the collar

Rust on the ATV? That is not how it works! There is now a new remedy for this. ROSTdelete in the Quadwelt test.

That’s how it works!

Rims. Often an eye-catcher on sporty quads. But they shouldn’t always be in top condition for cosmetic reasons alone. Good tires and proper balancing bring peace and security to the journey. The special centering unit from HAWEKA helps the fitter to achieve this.

Father’s Day on the Kiel Canal

After what felt like an eternity, the epidemic situation had improved on Father’s Day to the extent that nothing stood in the way of a joint trip among friends. Oliver Locht from the Quad and ATV Friends Schleswig – Rendsburg took care of the organization and always kept an eye on the Corona regulations.

Other topics:

Quad world near the Breslau

This year the Quadwelt will be driving the Breslau together with DAKTEC from Rathenow. As a passenger, side-by-side specialist and editor Martin Zink will take over the navigation and Matthias Krüger will steer the extensively converted Arctic Cat Wildcat through the Polish off-road terrain as the driver.

Midland with brand new intercoms

Midland has two new intercoms in its range, which are also available through its sales partner Conrad Electronic: The BTX2 PRO S LR and the BTX1PRO S. Both models have been technically optimized and now enable communication in larger groups and with a greater range.

BigAirMax now even bigger

It is not far from the small Eifel village of Konzen to Kesternich. Nevertheless, it was a big step for Marco Steines and the team in his family business. The rooms on Trierer Strasse had simply become too cramped and too small for the bustling dealer who not only represents quads, ATVs and UTVs but also strong motorcycle brands.

New from ITP for your SxS

The Carlstar Group has added the new ITP Coyote tires for high-performance UTV vehicles and SxS to its portfolio. The 32-inch, 8-ply radial tire meets the DOT test standards. It is made in the USA.

He is back!

A legend revives 3P – Pedalo Power Parts – now. The Westphalians have a new cabin scooter in their range that corresponds to the famous Messerschmitt model down to the smallest detail. This had three wheels and two passengers could sit one behind the other.

Suitcase, suitcase, suitcase!

The good news doesn’t stop there. Good because the cases that Quadix offers in its online shop are becoming more and more flexible, diverse and universal.

On to the third

The ATV & Quad Friends Leipzig invite you to the 3rd Saxon ATV & Quad Meeting on August 21 and 22, 2021
of the MSC “White Earth” Kemmlitz eV There is a larger and a smaller off-road route available on the site for free driving.

CFMOTO Racing Team

Whether in the sand of the Sahara or in the mountains of Albania: the CFMOTO racing team is professional and committed
and especially victories draw attention to yourself.

Travel bug

Well, infected? Who is enthusiastic about the travel report on page 64 of this Quadwelt issue and even more about Ireland
want to find out, we recommend the multivision show by our editor Roland Marske. The experienced photographer
and journalist took a lot of time to tour the Emerald Isle. He lets interested and travel enthusiasts experience the countless impressions.

One for all: Vanucci VSJ-2 leather jacket!

There is always the same problem with sporty leather clothes: At the beginning the jackets are generally uncomfortable. You have to enter them like a pair of hiking boots – if you can even find a suitable size. Maybe with Vanucci we will come closer to the ideal of a leather jacket in the future.


The MLTM is the new catalog from Michael Leeb Trading (MLT). The catalog not only unites the brands ACCESS Motor, Aeon Motor, Linhai, Lovol and Motobi, but also offers significant added value compared to a regular brochure. It serves as a kind of newspaper for all customers and future customers.


The well-known trade fair ABENTEUER & ALLRAD will be postponed again in 2021 due to the current situation around the pandemic and will therefore take place in late autumn this year for the first time in its more than 20-year history.

Cabin for the T-Boss

Quadix is ​​a busy importer who can announce new products almost every day. The Bamberg team around Jörg Braun has made a name for itself in the accessories sector in particular. Because the range of suitcases, tanks and technology is not only reserved for the STELS and Linhai house brands or the popular buggies.

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