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Let’s get out?!

Do you sometimes feel the same way? Dear readers? Hardly anyone wants to turn on a medium anymore: climate change, pandemic, raw materials scarce, fuel too expensive, plus a war in Europe. All of this can’t be true! The global political situation is currently making it difficult even for those who enjoy life to remain optimistic. You just want to put on a helmet, start the engine of your four-wheeler and just drive off. Just switch off, don’t hear anything and just let the wind blow in your face or master an interesting section of terrain.
Of course, one cannot simply close one’s eyes to many topics, problems and challenges. But you can and must take care of yourself and let your soul dangle. What could be better than a hearty tour in one of our vehicles? Maybe going around the houses with a new Ryker or Spyder. The Canadian three-wheelers really take off on the road, as our presentation of the updates on page 38 shows. Or a holiday trip, for example to slow-paced Iceland. Our travel editor Roland Marske gives you good tips on how to really relax in the far north. If you then have a trailer on your vehicle like in our outdoor article, nothing can go wrong in terms of freedom and adventure.
The ATV in our cover story is ideal for all of this. Despite its high engine output, it is not immediately brute to the point. Result: A relaxed driving experience with a lot of potential, apart from not having to hear anything except the sound of the engine and just letting the wind blow in your face.

Remain confident, recommends

Ralf Wilke, Editor-in-Chief

The Golden middle?

Once – a long time ago – ATVs with displacements of 500 to 600 cubic centimeters represented the top class. With the appearance of vehicles up to a thousand cubic centimetres, they became the so-called middle class. However, this has long since shifted to higher cubatures. But the “500s” have not disappeared with that. On the contrary: there are even new ones. We compare two old acquaintances of the class with the newcomer.

A versatile athlete

ATVs for sporty – possibly even competitive – use have now almost outstripped classic sport quads. A typical model in this category is the Scrambler XP 1000. Let’s move it in a species-appropriate way.

With high pressure to the top class

The first of its kind with a supercharged engine: With the SHADE Sport Plus, Access is targeting the upper market segment of sporty ATVs. Even the pre-series model does amazing things.

Touring quad from the customizer

Anglicisms are rarely avoided in the quad scene. “Customize” might sound better than “adapt” and “exceet” more interesting than “surpass”. Both – in German and English – definitely apply to the new EXEET 900 R.

Just arrived: Can-Am Ryker and Spyder updates ’22

Can-Am On-Road shows a few innovations for the three-wheel models Ryker and Spyder for the model year 2022 such as the Ryker Sport or a new version of the Ryker Rally.

Small displacement – big performance

Why not add a personal touch to entry-level quads as well? Those who call such a vehicle their own usually love it just as much as the owners of more powerful models.

luxury in the workplace

The Ranger Diesel has enriched Polaris’ product portfolio since 2019. With its powerful and efficient diesel engine, the versatile side-by-side vehicle is the ultimate workhorse for many. Our long-term test vehicle is intended to prove this.

Air conditioning on the go

When it comes to clothing, quad bikers and ATV riders usually grab the same shelf as their two-wheeled friends. Chain store and mail-order company LOUIS has a station wagon up its sleeve that is particularly appealing to us.

Two for more traction

You need a tire? ITP has one for you. Guaranteed! We pulled two models onto our Can-Ams in search of more grip.

Security Special – Advice on how to secure properly

Quads and ATVs are expensive. Side-by-sides often cost even more. It is therefore a good idea to secure vehicles comprehensively and make it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal. We dedicate this special to the safety of our beloved vehicles, together with ABUS.

Something always breaks – mechanics at full speed

The Eble 4×4 team started this year at the Fenix ​​Rally in Tunisia. A company that is simply impossible without a powerful team. We therefore take a look behind the scenes and thus at the work of the screwdrivers. Because something always breaks!

Iceland’s Wild West

It is said that the country is expensive, it rains 175 days a year, the travel season is limited to June to August and a scratchy wool sweater has already been brought back from Norway. Our author Roland Marske discovers on an ATV tour through the Westfjords, which nevertheless attracts more adventure seekers to Iceland every year.

Mobile accommodation

Sleep on the go – preferably warm and dry and reasonably comfortable. The solution is a lightweight trailer. But because the available ones are too expensive for us, Quadwelt builds its own off-road trailer. We show in several parts what we do and why we do it. Here are the first steps.

Other topics:

HAIX WorkLife21

The specialist for functional shoes and clothing HAIX recently published its new clothing collection HAIX WEAR WorkLife21 for work and leisure. This is divided into the areas Work21 and Life21. Whether at work or in your free time – all items of clothing are characterized by maximum functionality, maximum comfort and high quality “Made in Europe”.

Ten years – a reason to celebrate

The Quadfreunde Schleswig-Rendsburg invite you to the gravel pit Nissen. Camping, celebrating, barbecuing and, above all, moving the four-wheelers in a species-appropriate manner is on the program on August 27th. Do not miss!

Heck Pack has upgraded

The specialists for mobile rear transporter systems have succeeded in obtaining a new, more up-to-date type approval for their well-known “Optimal” and “Deluxe” models. These now have UN ECE 26R04 approval, which is valid in more than 60 countries, not just within the European Union.

Start the season in top condition

For the new season, Dr. Two new premium products: the S100 motorcycle quick wax and the S100 BIO motorcycle cleaner.

Alus for Canadians

The company QJC PowerSportCenter is now offering new aluminum rims for the Cam-Am Renegade. It is a black 18 inch ATS with a spoke design.

DECKED drawer systems

A lot of loading space, but without any organizational possibilities, that is the basic problem of many pickup and van drivers. Whether for hunting, crafts, leisure or shopping – the vehicles offer plenty of space, but only limited safe storage options for smaller tools, products or the like.

With ELKA at level 3

Quadcross and Enduro specialist Matthias Briel has new shock absorbers from Canada on offer. Quad Briel imports the high-quality chassis elements used by many professionals worldwide to Germany and offers full service for ELKA. Matthias is currently making the sports drivers an attractive offer.

The Harz is calling!

From 16.06. – 19.06.2022 the gates of the western town of Pullman City Harz will be opened again traditionally for the Corpus Christi weekend for the quad scene from all over Europe. Over the years, the “Kult Treffen im Harz” has developed into a big family event and this year there is again a lot of fun and games for young and old on the program.

UForce for the Hospitallers

Accidents in rough terrain and off the beaten track regularly pose special challenges for rescue workers. Mountain regions, hiking and ski areas are popular starting points for sun, adventure and adventure seekers. They are out and about in all seasons and in all weathers and can injure themselves or have an accident. If an injured person is somewhere in the forest, maybe even without a mobile phone connection, things can get tight under certain circumstances and depending on the injury. That’s why the Johanniter Unfallhilfe contacted Dirk Riesen’s team.

Everyone else throws in the towel!

For the still young German brand Viamontis Premium-Autopflege from Bad Wiessee, vehicle care is more than just an interchangeable business: It is a real childhood sweetheart. Even as teenagers, managing directors Nikolai Kulterer and Tim Julian Winters were passionate about washing their families’ cars and those of visiting guests.

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