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In the last issue we were pleased that after a long time a new sports quad is finally coming onto the market. A trend that is continuing, dear readers. Because on the next pages we can already present you two new vehicles. Both are due to the wealth of ideas and the experience of two German manufacturers
owe. These family businesses have made effective use of the forced break caused by Corona and have further developed their products and expanded their portfolios. The result are breathtaking quads, over whose benches we were able to swing our test leg. It should also be mentioned that we were able to take a look at other innovations that we will present to you in one of the upcoming issues. But there are also news and developments with the currently so popular ATVs. The focus is on a type of approval that we have rarely seen before: that of the so-called EU tractors (T3b), which can be up to 60 km / h without ABS. What they can do and for whom such a “trekker” is interesting, we also clarify using two vehicles that could hardly be more different. Oh yes – we are also introducing new ATVs with ABS. Maybe you already use one on your tours. At the moment, this is more likely to be possible in one’s own country than abroad. Our editor Roland Marske has also come up with an interesting suggestion for this. Well then – something’s going on in our scene, happy

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

All possibilities

What it may be? Country road, gravel road, mountain pass? Drivers of the new Adventure 790 from E. ATV have the choice. Or also the agony?

With all due respect

The new Exeet Blackbull H2 is formidable if only considering the sheer performance data. One liter displacement, compressor, 200 hp, incredible acceleration. There has never been such a quad in series. From Euskirchen, the new one is now making the custom scene crazy.

A real tractor

Vehicles in class T3b with a permissible maximum speed of 60 km / h correspond to agricultural and forestry considerations according to the EU. Without ABS but equipped with a lot of power, this category of “EU tractors” produces amazing vehicles. Like the Outlander with 6 × 6 drive.

The second face

The editorial team’s mandate was clear. Go to Zimmermann Landtechnik, they have everything to do with the John Deere Gator. So we do a nice company portrait and show what else they have to offer. Quite a lot, because for our appointment a whole armada of gators was ready for test drive. Thanks to Zimmermann, we have already been able to test most of them in detail. But the temptation is great and so we decide at short notice to take a trip with a Gator that we have never seen before.

The update

The term “update”, taken from English, denotes an update, a continuation, a successor model or an improvement. All of these attributes apply to the entry-level ATV from GOES. The new Copper therefore also bears the appropriate name 2.0.

Quad with motorcycle feeling

Werner Krammel rode a motorcycle for many years. The first time he was on a quad bike, he wondered why you can’t turn a quad bike into a curve. His correction of this problem is called NEITEM.

Kymco is slowing down into the future

As another manufacturer in Germany, KYMCO equips its ATVs with new ABS technology, in which the anti-lock braking system acts on the front and rear axles according to modern automotive standards. The Taiwanese have developed the new ABS system in cooperation with the automotive specialist Continental and specially adapted it to the driving characteristics of their KYMCO ATVs. We show you the model year 2021 in detail.

Fenix ​​Rally 2021

In the middle of the corona pandemic, Alex Kovatchev mobilized 104 teams for the first edition of the Fenix ​​Rally. Desert, slopes and off-road feeling in Tunisia.

The thing

We have known for a long time that an individual conversion does not always have to be based on a “raptor”. Nevertheless, those who opt for a different model often have much less leeway because there are simply no suitable off-the-shelf accessories. That didn’t stop Michael Haubold from fundamentally overhauling his already rare Kawasaki KFX.


This time the title is not to be taken literally when it comes to the subject of our technology article. It’s not about wild acceleration that is generated by pressing the throttle. No, we are looking at an important component on the quad / ATV that everyone has installed on the vehicle. It’s about shock absorbers that play an important role in driving safety and comfort.

Grilling on tour

Anyone traveling with a quad, ATV or side-by-side also wants to eat. There is often a barbecue, especially at meetings. We’re looking at four mobile grills that fit extremely compactly into almost any vehicle.

Borderline experiences

Barbed wire, minefields, barking dogs, searchlights and shots were part of everyday life on the 1,393-kilometer border between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany. Grass has grown over the former death strip and, as a green belt, now forms Germany’s largest nature reserve. With his ATV, our author Roland Marske got up close and personal with German-German history and wild, untouched nature.

Other topics:

Can-Am electrifies

BRP, maker of the Can-Am ATVs, SbS, and Trikes, announced in connection with its five-year plan, through to the end
To offer electric models in all product lines in 2026. To achieve this, BRP plans $ 300 million over this period
Invest US dollars in product development, specialty equipment, infrastructure, production tools and facilities.

The shoe for the extra mile

If we are not out and about on four wheels and are therefore not wearing special shoes, we recommend taking a look at these new everyday and leisure shoes. The specialist for functional shoes and clothing HAIX presents its revolutionary CONNEXIS Go shoe.

A real master when it comes to towing performance

For forestry and forest work, but especially for driving with large trailer loads in everyday life, the standard trailer load for ATVs must be increased. Accessories professional Bogner from Weißenburg in Bavaria has a solution for the Kymco MXU700T ready.

DRK Prüm with a new vehicle

Hardly anyone responsible has to be convinced of the advantages of ATVs in the rescue service. More and more fire brigades, aid organizations and municipalities rely on the jack-of-all-trades in the vehicle world. The flexibility and the possibilities for individual adaptation to the respective range of applications are valued. The German Red Cross in the Eifel town of Prüm has now received its new CFMOTO CForce 1000.

Offer expanded

Marco Kehre’s portfolio has grown again. The master vehicle workshop offers its services at two locations. Marco is also the managing director of KFZ Meisterbetrieb Diller GmbH in Kaiserslautern, which he took over in May 2019. At both company headquarters he and his respective teams offer sales, service and workshop services for the brands Aeon, Access, Adly, Goes, Stels, Quadix, Linhai, Herkules, Troxus and Segway.

Extended warranty

Kubota now also offers its extended “Kubota Care” warranty for compact tractors, RTVs and lawn tractors. In this way, the Japanese are securing the long-term value of a side-by-side, which the manufacturer calls RTV.

Feast for the eyes

Check out ICON’s spring collection 2021. With so many new designs, you’d have to be blind not to find the right one for you. The Airform helmet that the importer PartsEurope is presenting here is the epitome of proven design, a comfortable fit and first-class quality. This helmet is now available in five new graphics that immediately catch the eye and once again show how unique ICON is.

Your way to the dream trike

The demands of the drivers are as individual as driving a trike itself. The manufacturer Rewaco from Lindlar in Bergisch has always been able to respond to the wishes of its fans and customers. Many equipment details and technical features can be freely selected and configured for the trikes. This is now also possible online.

Small bike – great fun

With the Mino, the Chinese supplier Tromox is bringing an electrically powered mini bike onto the market. These are imported to Germany by Herkules-Motor GmbH & Co KG under the management of Kai Telsnig.

RANGER with electric drive

Electrifying events are casting their shadows: Polaris is pressing ahead with its electrification strategy rEV’d up at full speed. This year the brand will unveil the completely new, all-electric RANGER: The world premiere of this full-size side-by-side is planned for December.

STELS conquers Austria

Quad Area is one of the leading ATV dealers in Austria. Managing Director Adolf Wallner recognized the many convincing advantages of the STELS brand and added robust Russian vehicles to his range.


The tendency to falter is typical for tricycles like the Ryker, which have two lanes at the front. Due to the design
the front axle takes the entire load of the vehicle, which is particularly noticeable when cornering. JSS Automotive from Herscheid in the Sauerland is supplying Ryker drivers with a front anti-roll bar that is 18 millimeters – instead of the standard 14 – in
Has diameter and is equipped with adjusting rings.

New quad profile for racing

Maxxis International GmbH from Dägeling now has the new RAZR PLUS M in its range for pure racing use in quad motocross. The tire offers drivers top performance at a high level and excellent traction on medium-hard to loose surfaces. Its aggressive tread design with angled shoulder lugs ensures improved steering and braking behavior.

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