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In the haze

The Euro 5 emission standard applies! Since January 1st for motorcycles and also for our four-wheelers. Because of the corona pandemic, the EU has approved exceptions and extended the deadlines. Under certain conditions, Euro 4 vehicles can still be registered and put into circulation. Manufacturers, importers and dealers can sell off their stocks. A tip: This may mean you can still get a few bargains here and there. But, dear readers, at the end of this year it will be over for good. Then nothing goes below the “5”. In the run-up to the introduction of this stricter standard, the industry came up with new concepts. New? Not quite. Because who would have thought that even two-stroke engines could meet the regulations? But those who are said to be dead live longer, and so the modern “biscuit saws” with injection systems and engine management come into play. Even the consumption is limited compared to the earlier drives. Purists may say too much electronics, but that’s what they said when the electric starter became standard. The first pure sports quads did not yet have such a model. With their powerful engines, however, they established the success of a type of vehicle that continues to fascinate us all. Regardless of whether it is equipped with a two or four-stroke engine. It is all the nicer that there is recently a quad again, which leaves the typical – now Euro 5 compliant – sweetish exhaust smell. Progress cannot be stopped. Certainly not below “Euro 5b” in four years. Of that is certain

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

That smells like performance

The dead live longer. This also applies to the two-stroke engine. Anyone who thinks this technology is out of date is not familiar with the 300 with injection system from KTM. One of these drives the new E. ATV. And how!

An old friend

It has become quiet around Suzuki. The Japanese have thrown in the towel on the German ATV market. It’s a shame, because they had very successful models up their sleeve, such as the KingQuad 500, for example.

Small but mighty

In the past, we introduced Linhai’s fat ships. Now the little sister comes around the corner, whom we don’t want to leave untested. Voilà! The Linhai M150L.

The new S-Class

Polaris recently presented the Sportsman XP 1000 S and Scrambler XP 1000 S ATV models. With powerful performance, excellent off-road properties and agile handling, they want to set new standards in the sporty ATV segment.

A new employee

Vehicles for professional fleets have to be reliable, powerful and sustainable, easy to operate and, at best, have little cost. A good niche for the UTVs! GOES now has a new one.

Compact in the field

Suzuki Jimny and Polaris Ranger are compact, cheap and made for off-road use. We answer the most common questions about the two vehicles and look for the answer as to which of the two is the better off-roader.

Slim appearance

Polaris is expanding its model range with the new, versatile RZR Trail S 1000 Premium. The side-by-side, which is just 152.4 centimeters wide, is made for narrow and demanding trails.

Dakar – Dream, Dare, Live It!

Hard, harder, Dakar! This time, the demanding desert classic covered a total of 8,070 kilometers, 4,588 of which were against the clock: in 2021, the rally ran through Saudi Arabia in a loop to and from Jeddah. And over difficult to conquer dunes, over fast-paced sand and gravel roads, through narrow, twisting canyons, over countless pointed stones and unyielding rubble.

Juice? Load!

The weather is right, the mood is good and the quad is polished to a shine. But none of this is of any use without “juice”! What if the beloved vehicle does not start or the starter only makes a faint humming noise? Then it becomes clear at the latest: Unfortunately, the calculation was made without the starter and electrical system battery.

The customer is king

Not for the first time we find ourselves in the Palatinate village of Schmelz. There is, of course, a good reason for this. We visit the resident dealer “Queensquad” in new premises and see what’s new.

Environmental protection with ATVs

The Quad and ATV friends in Schleswig-Rendsburg recently demonstrated that an ATV is not only loud and gobbling through the area, but can also do something useful.

Car pool

Quad driving connects, we know that too well from our own experience. To be out and about with like-minded people is another increase in the experience value. But how big does the experience factor have to be if your entire family is crazy about quad bikes? The Laumanns can tell us about it first hand.

Other topics:

New to Eble 4 × 4: Segway

Eble 4 × 4 is South Baden’s largest Polaris dealer and from now on also the only Segway dealer between Karlsruhe and the Swiss border. The manufacturer has been present on the German market since the beginning of the year with a complete range of vehicles – ATV, UTV and SSV. And that with a tangible innovation.

Tires are available from Parts Europe

The company, based in Wasserliesch near Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate, is now one of the largest distributors in the power sports sector. Parts Europe not only offers parts, accessories and clothing, but everything you need for almost all motorsport segments. On February 1st, Parts Europe and MAXXIS Reifen started their cooperation, with which the supplier completes its range of premium tire brands.

HAIX takes over Gustav Wahler KG

The specialist for functional shoes and clothing HAIX takes over Gustav Wahler KG, a leading manufacturer of work clothing. With this acquisition, the Mainburg-based company secures an additional revenue pillar and well-founded know-how to further expand its clothing segment.

Start of the season with Beitler

Welcome the new 2021 season with Quadfactory Beitler on April 24th. In addition, the team around Oliver Beitler has made a huge offroad park in the heart of Central Germany clear. On this day you can move your own four-wheelers appropriately, but all models of the current year will also be available for test drives and special prices.

Versatile in use

The motto of Micheel Auto-Service OHG (MAS) could be from “A” for “Auto” to “Z” for “Zugmaschine”. Because when it comes to mobile solutions, the North Germans from Achim are there. Cars from Suzuki are just as much a part of the portfolio as e-bikes and bicycles from Trenoli or BBF, right up to ATVs from CFMOTO. The fire brigade of the Lower Saxony Heidekreis now benefits from the know-how of the team around Ralf Osmers, owner of the MAS.

JSS in new hands

The managing director of JSS Automotive, Jürgen Schröder, celebrated his seventieth birthday a few weeks ago in excellent health. Time, as he thinks, to hand over the sales of his proven JSS / H&R suspension components to younger hands.

Moto Car Wiesmoor gets started

The new year began as the old one ended: Corona makes it difficult for organizers to implement and hold their events as planned. While many understandably hold back, Rainer Böhnke and his team from Moto Car Wiesmoor simply plan.

Partner of the mountain rescue service

The Quadconnection Köpf is located in a dreamlike setting. Not far from the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, in the middle of the Allgäu mountains. Where people like to go on vacation. As wonderful as the hiking and skiing areas, trekking routes and via ferratas are, they pose a number of challenges for the mountain rescue workers.

KW automotive takes over Reiger Racing

The Dutch company Reiger has been developing and manufacturing off-road motorsport dampers for over four decades and is established as a globally recognized specialist in the rally, rally raid, autocross, motocross, quad and sidecar segment.

Responding to trade restrictions

Due to the current situation in the specialist and retail trade, BALLISTOL is extending its big competition that started in mid-2020. This is based on a cash profit of 1,000 euros. The campaign now runs until September 30, 2021.

Again new suitcases and canisters

The range of Tesseract products is constantly growing. The importer Quadix is ​​expanding the portfolio of the tried and tested and above all attractively priced plastic constructions with new variants. Cases and canisters are now available for almost all popular ATV models of all brands.

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