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You are sure, dear readers, like us in the Quadwelt team. You can no longer hear it: Corona! We’ve been living with lockdown, restrictions, mouth and nose protection, etc. for quite a while now. None of this is fun. Quad and ATV driving alone was sometimes difficult or even impossible in the last year. Not to mention other things. But we four-wheelers are making the best of the situation so far. Many used the “lost” time profitably. Approach long-planned conversion work, freshening up the beloved vehicle, finally clearing the maintenance backlog or simply tidying up the garage. The holiday fund was used as an alternative to spare, tuning and accessory parts, and even a considerable number of vehicles were purchased. This gave the workshops a full house and a tight schedule, and brought one or two euros onto the dealers’ balance sheets. The mail also went online in the literal sense of the word. In any case, the classic mail order companies in our scene do not sing a lament, as unfortunately many areas of the economy have to do. The many unusual meetings, races, trade fairs and trips are regrettable. It really was a bitter pill that we all had to swallow. Although there were still some interesting events. They give hope – for the new year and a light at the end of the tunnel. And for more driving pleasure again. So – let’s go into the new season.
A happy, healthy 2021 with a lot of freedom

Ralf Wilke, editor-in-chief

Across generations

A quarter of a century – a long time, indeed. This year Polaris is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Sportsman model. In 1996, the then upper-class ATV was presented to the public for the first time as the 500. We look back on a unique history and see what has become of the “World ATV”.

Segway is here!

We drove one of Segway’s new ATVs. The 570 cc snarler. The first personal impression of the new ATV brand makes you want to see the novelties of the – actually – very well-known manufacturer.

Always ready

The best way to get from A to B, in any terrain, in any weather and regardless of the payload. This is what Can-Am promises to its adventurous clientele in the form of the Maverick Sport. We think he can and check it out on the track.

USA vs. Far East

Class battle of the entry-level UTVs: We let the brand new Linhai T-Boss compete against the famous Polaris Ranger. Our results are amazing.

The Iron Man

Based on a well-known documentary, the ATV and Quadcenter Kuschmierz got its nickname “Stels Buddies”. Just as the workshop team pimps up old military vehicles and pickups on television, the specialists around boss Olaf Kuschmierz from Oststeinbek screw on the four-wheelers we love. Just as tireless and full of ideas as the TV colleagues.

A successful mix

GOES is expanding its range and is announcing a model offensive this year. A number of interesting vehicles are in the starting blocks. It starts with the new side-by-side UTX 700.

A long (all terrain) vehicle

The versatile Can-Am Traxter PRO DPS HD10 makes it possible to transport more loads to hard-to-reach places and across the terrain. The vehicle has an extra long, multifunctional charging box.

More power

For over 15 years, Kubota has been running the well-known RTV series as an all-purpose weapon for transporting materials and people in difficult terrain or for special tasks. These are side-by-side vehicles, like those offered by many other manufacturers. But a special feature makes the Kubotas unique.

With heart and soul

The quad club “Quads4Hearts” has been known nationwide in the scene for a few years for its events and trips, which always serve a charitable purpose. In the Corona year, the club members around founder Dominik Zilles, like almost everyone, were doomed to idleness. But the events for 2021 have already been worked out with a lot of confidence and a strong will.

Use with obstacles

Andreas Ostholt is a successful eventing rider. The sports soldier lives and trains in the Westphalian town of Warendorf, Germany’s number one “equestrian town”. Let’s take a look at what a KYMCO MXU 700 has to be able to do here.

For frequent drivers

Carlisle again delivers a new tire for ATVs and UTVs. Its particular area of ​​application are paved paths and paved roads. In the test, however, the tire turned out to be a versatile all-rounder.

An exciting story

Clack – clack – clack! The sound when you press the starter button and the engine fails to start. Even someone with little technical knowledge will soon realize: The planned trip has been put on hold for the time being. Whereby the ice and the cold outside temperatures are to blame for the dilemma. The cold puts a strain on the starter battery and sometimes it goes on strike. But there are solutions to this problem too.

ATV fan with motorcycle genes

Walter Hofmann and his company are an institution. We were on site in Niederaula in Hesse and looked around a little.

Little luck for in between

After the first wave, the Corona hype had weakened somewhat in summer 2020, which suddenly promised freedom for the quad riders. The ATV & Quad Friends Leipzig had during the planning and implementation of their “2nd Saxon ATV & Quad Meeting ”in Kemmlitz and were able to celebrate a party among friends while adhering to a well thought-out hygiene concept.

Booking makes you mobile …

… sport and play at work! Our older readers will surely still remember the advertising slogan of a chocolate bar manufacturer. Based on this, we introduce you to a dealer for agricultural machinery and recreational vehicles who is able to keep this advertising promise.

Warm hands

Who likes to freeze? Nobody – and certainly not on the beloved four-wheeler. If you want to or even have to drive in winter, you should first of all keep your hands warm. We therefore compare 12 pairs of winter gloves.

Other topics:

Take part now!

It’s been a while since World Children’s Day on September 20, 2020, but ACCESS importer Leeb’s idea is still great! The coloring page against boredom in lockdown is still online and is intended to encourage small and large artists to download and color.


Reason to be happy in Monschau-Konzen. Lena Thönneßen successfully completed her training as a two-wheel mechatronics technician specializing in motorcycle technology at BigAirMax in recent years. So successful that it was named the best in the chamber’s catchment area by the Aachen Chamber of Crafts.

Vanucci’s first textile touring boot

Protective clothing for motorcycle and quad riders must be made of leather? For many years show jackets, pants and gloves
made of textile material that there is another way. Only in the case of boots, the topic of textiles had not yet really caught on. Vanucci is now consistently taking the next step and introducing waterproof touring boots made of textile material.

Flexible lever system

The QUAD-COMPANY from Bielefeld has recently started offering a high-quality brake and clutch lever set. This is CNC milled from solid aluminum. The lever distance can be adjusted in six positions for an optimal grip.

Lights for Heavy Duty

With the SCORPIUS LED product family, Nordic Lights offers the robust and compact models N4402 to N4410. The N4408 stands out for us ATV drivers. The headlight was designed to replace the “high beam” of an HID / Xenon headlight.

Happy customers

That is the goal in Brühl near Cologne, at the Automobilservice Schmitz located there. That’s when the quads and ATVs business actually started, as is so often the case in our scene. Namely with the enthusiasm of the company boss for their versatility and efficiency.

Even more “containers”

The Bamberg importer Quadix is ​​constantly expanding its range of suitcases. There are models in various sizes and designs for all common ATVs and UTVs. Now there are new cases for the CFMOTO Touring 625.

Exciting tours in Romania

SCR Select Cars Strien is not only a good contact for those interested in new vehicles from the off-road sector, but also provides the opportunity to experience the freedom and the adrenaline rush of ATV or SbS driving in the wild. This is currently only possible in a few European countries, including Romania (under certain conditions).

Warm hands

KOSO has just the thing for winter drivers. The heated grips HG-13 with integrated thumb switch allow the driver to set their five different temperature levels without having to take their hands off the handlebars.

Cheating the virus

2020 was in the truest sense a year of epidemics for the entire travel industry. Also for Eble4x4, Germany’s largest provider of travel and tours in off-road buggy. While the day trips in the Black Forest at home went quite well after the end of the lockdown, nothing worked at all on the long trips. But this year he wants to cheat the corona virus.

Can-Am introduces the most powerful all-wheel drive

Can-Am’s off-road vehicles are designed for use under extreme conditions, such as on muddy tracks and sandy surfaces. The Canadian manufacturer is now introducing the new Visco-4Lok for its 2021 model range, currently the most advanced all-wheel drive for ATVs.

Adventure & all-wheel drive digital

The popular fair takes place digitally. From now on, exhibitors at the off-road trade fair will present their latest products and trade fair innovations on an online platform at Thus the “ABENTEUER & ALLRAD DIGITAL” reflects the entire diversity of the off-road trade fair.

Optimism is the order of the day

The current event vacuum is difficult to bear. Therefore, Rainer Böhnke and his team from Motocar Wiesmoor decided to counteract this. The northern Germans are planning to start an off-road weekend in March 2021.

JAGD & HUND postponed to the end of May 2021

JAGD & HUND will be postponed from February to May 25-30, 2021. The decisive factor is the current dynamic development of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has a lasting impact on the successful implementation of an international hunting fair of this size.

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