Can-Am uses this slogan to advertise its ATV models. In fact, there is an Outlander to suit every occasion. The bandwidth ranges from 450 to 1,000 ccm. In the middle is the 650. Our test reveals how well you are prepared with him.

First of all, the Outlander 650 has the usual Can-Am qualities: One of the best ATV chassis, high-quality materials, anti-theft device with immobilizer and a good price-performance ratio. On top of the weighing pan is a Rotax two-cylinder. Engines that have proven to be robust and strong and do not have to shy away from comparison. The 650 V twin engine with 44 kW (59 PS) of power impresses – so much in advance – with good throttle response and astonishing power reserves. The electronic throttle valve control (iTC) with three driving modes ensures a smooth and predictable driving experience. Less stressful than the larger displacement sister models, which require an experienced hand to bring the power under control and to keep it. The horses that the 650 produces are more than enough to make rapid progress. The first impression says that you don’t really need more.

All you need

First things first: On the plus side, the clear display and the good ergonomics should be mentioned. You feel like you’re sitting in the machine instead of on top. The freedom of movement is given in order to use the body in a supportive manner in the narrow passages. The engine air intake, CVT inlets and outlets have been placed as high as possible on the Outlander to improve airflow when driving through wet and muddy terrain. With the XT version made available by us, Can-Am has forged a hot topic in the middle class. TTI independent wheel suspension at the rear, MacPherson struts on double wishbones at the front, steel braided lines on the brake system, cardan drive with switchable all-wheel drive and the self-locking Visco-Lok on the front axle.

In addition, the following parts are installed: The adjustable 3-stage power steering, light rims, double-piston brakes at the front. On the chassis there is underbody protection and 12-inch cast aluminum rims with a hub-less construction. These help reduce weight. The multi-layer 26-inch tires offer reliable performance in difficult terrain thanks to stiffer sidewalls and higher tire pressure. Hand protectors on the handlebars complete the equipment package together with the obligatory winch. The latter has a capacity of 1,361 kg and is an indispensable tool when hunting, raising cattle, working in the mud and when your friends need help. With that we immediately described the area of ​​application of the bolide. He does not shy away from any work order – 750 kilos of pulling power is already a house number – and load-bearing racks point in this direction. The fastening system called LinQ points in both directions. Whether it is a chainsaw or camping equipment – it is safe to transport. Little wear and tear, little maintenance and high availability of parts give Can-Am dealers’ customers a lot of security in everything they do.

Drives as seen

The Outlander 650 is fun. Sometimes you forget that you are sitting on a “heavy” ATV. The two-cylinder revs up cleanly and moves the four-wheeler forward briskly. During a tour in difficult terrain, significantly larger ATVs did not play their plus in displacement or performance compared to the Outlander. Because thanks to the optimized weight, it was even possible to gain an advantage at some key points. The reason: if necessary, the motor, which was still accelerating at a great speed, can be precisely controlled. The driving modes benefit us here and we are spared any surprises due to an explosion in performance. This actually only has advantages in the trail. The 650 protects the driver’s stamina.
The successful load change of the engine in connection with the grippy tires provides control and grip. Incidentally, ITP Terracross were installed on the test vehicle. Well! You don’t feel unsafe even at high speeds. The steering assistance mentioned can be adjusted while driving. So if you notice that your wrist is rattling, you can add a bit of cushioning or support. The masses of the ATV are quite cheap and almost make it dance over the carpet of roots. Weight backwards, a courageous thrust and the forehand lifts. Very nice!

And otherwise? Here comes the answer: ground clearance okay, braking power and controllability of the three hydraulic discs exemplary. If it gets slippery or hairy, the Visco-Lok intervenes and gives propulsion where it is missing. In all-wheel drive mode, the Outlander can hardly be pushed to a limit anyway. The XT model is recommended because of the valuable extras. The “middle class Outlander” is in no way inferior to its bigger siblings and often mercilessly exploits the weight and control advantages. And of course also the price advantage. You only have to dig deeper into your pocket if you are into brute force and treat yourself to the 1,000. But there are also quite a few euros more over the counter.


Overall, the Can-Am Outlander 650 XT is a good choice. The 59 hp Rotax power plant delivers great usable power with great handling. Our Outlander XT 650 drove confidently through the most difficult terrain and the controllability allowed us to master the tricky sections very confidently. The Visco-Lok QE auto limited slip differential at the front helped us to climb everything on our way that Mother Nature put in our way. We were finally prepared.



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