Winter is annoying. This one in particular. The Covid-19 plague forbids almost everything. No skiing. No après-ski. No hut fun. No escalating Dutch women in the Alps. But hold on, because miracles happen every now and then – for example snow and sunshine in a deserted off-road park.

It came at a time when especially tribulation was being blown. It was cold, sometimes gray and wet and often just tough. The days had just decided to get longer when it came: the onset of winter! Snow in huge amounts, almost arctic temperatures and that in the middle of the Covid plague, which is shutting down half the country anyway. Skiing in the Alps? No! Cross-country skiing on your doorstep? No? Sledding? Where only …

So is it time for the rope? No way, because after all it turns out differently and secondly than you think. Same as when my phone rings, in the middle of early Wednesday evening. He: “Hey, should we shoot through the snow?” I: “With the Enduro across the golf course, like in the past?” He: “Nah, the times are through, let’s attack in Furstenforest, I know the gatekeeper! “Me:” Are you dreaming? “

Two days later, at eleven o’clock, we stand in front of the gate to off-road happiness – gatekeeper and key master Timo Schweers lets us in and guides us to the holy halls. These house the park’s fun and rental vehicle fleet. In addition to various off-road vehicles, of course all of them with higher tires and thick tires, a bored MAN KAT looms around in the corner. In between, Yamaha Wolverine side-by-sides and children’s jeeps. Behind a partition, the Armada – 20 plus Yamaha Kodiaks doze off in hibernation. All? No, not all, because three chosen ones stand in front of Halle with warm engines and are just waiting to be driven through the fluffy, light powder snow.

Pinch me, this must be a dream! Ouch, but not a dream. A small branch hit me on the finger, the brief pain is real. We follow Timo at a close distance through the powder snow, which has bathed the landscape in picturesque white like powdered sugar. The snow is just waiting to be plowed through at speed. And Timo gives fire, after all, the Offroad Park is closed and the otherwise valid speed limit of 30 km / h is a bit more flexible.

Drifts, donuts, small jumps, the Yamaha Kodiaks scream for more, the drivers give everything. Accordingly, nothing of the cold can be felt, with a firm grip on the handlebars and physical effort, the ATVs are usually forced into the direction in oversteer mode.

While the snow and sun massage the soul, the Kodiaks continue to plow through the terrain. Even hours later, when the pilots are slowly running out of breath, they are still scratching their hooves. They are looking forward to the park reopening after the lockdown.

And we are happy that we were able to enjoy this day in the snow. This experience was pure bliss, balm for the battered soul and gives a glimmer of hope that we can light up again soon in Furstenforest.

Information on the reopening, rental fleet and all other activities can be found here:

Text: Kalle Krabowski Photos: Gerd Koch



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