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Polaris winch PRO HEAVY DUTY series in the test.

Polaris winches of the PRO HEAVY DUTY series stand for top workmanship, strong traction and free the brand’s vehicles from even the most difficult situations. In the future, this will happen even faster: The PRO HD winches benefit from the new Rapid Rope Recovery technology, which enables the rope to be rolled up five times faster. Another premiere: The PRO HD winches are now also available for the SPORTSMAN and ACE models.

“We always pursue the goal of offering the most modern products in our Polaris Engineered accessories program that set technological standards,” says Paul Nick, Director of Off-Road Vehicle Accessories. “After extensive tests and intensive development work, we are now bringing the new Rapid Rope Recovery technology onto the market. For Polaris drivers, the innovation is a real game changer. “

Heavy duty winch with Rapid Rope Recovery technology.

Reliable, robust and durable – Polaris engineered winches are the perfect partner for numerous challenges and are even used by the American military. Now Polaris Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of powersports vehicles, is stepping up and presenting the new Rapid Rope Recovery technology. Thanks to the thoroughly redesigned gear, the innovative system rolls up the rope up to five times faster. Off-road fans can use a rotary switch on the side of the winch to set the switch to “H” for the first time in addition to the familiar “N” modes for rope freewheeling and “L” for pulling, which activates the Rapid Rope Recovery mode. For those who prefer to watch from a distance when the vehicle pulls out of mud, deep sand or other obstacles, the radio remote control offers clear advantages. Workers, recreational athletes, rescue workers and other off-roaders can remotely control the winch up to a distance of 15.2 meters and free their vehicle quickly and reliably from tricky situations. All winches of the popular Pro HD series benefit from these technologies as standard.

The PRO HD cable winch with the new Rapid Rope Recovery function has already proven itself in practice. The new winches had to withstand maximum tensile loads more than 1,200 times and deliver the highest level of endurance and reliability. Another plus point: the cable winches pull reliably even at temperatures as low as minus 28.9 degrees Celsius. The Polaris tractors can also be used underwater. With an optimally sealed motor-gearbox combination, the sophisticated cable winches from Polaris offer clear advantages in numerous situations.

In addition to the Rapid Rope Recovery function, all PRO HD winches have the intelligent auto-stop technology from Polaris, which is unique in the off-road sector. The system interrupts the pulling mechanism as soon as the hook of the rope guide comes too close. Every Polaris PRO HD cable winch is equipped with a high-quality, 15.2 meter long plastic cable, which impresses with its low weight and high flexibility. In addition, thanks to an innovative mix of materials, this rope is significantly more robust and tear-resistant than comparable steel ropes.

Like all Polaris winches, the new PRO HD systems have been specially developed for the brand’s well-thought-out vehicles. All cabling and assembly components are included in the scope of delivery and can therefore be installed quickly and easily. Anyone who opts for a Polaris PRO HD cable winch saves the money that many other systems on the market require for additional brackets and adapters.

The Polaris PRO HD winches are available with three different tensile loads for numerous vehicles of the brand. New: The SPORTSMAN and ACE series can now also be equipped with the Polaris PRO HD cable winch and thus gain additional practicality and utility.

The installation options of the Polaris PRO HD winches in Polaris vehicles at a glance:
Tensile load Available models
up to 1,360.8 kg SPORTSMAN, ACE
up to 2,041.2 kg RANGER, RZR, GENERAL
up to 2,721.5 kg RANGER


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