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The Polaris Sportsman, the best-selling All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in the world with 1.6 million units sold, is starting a new era: for the 2021 model year, the Sportsman 570 will be launched worldwide with a completely newly developed platform.

Color: Zenith Blue

This new generation ATV combines an even more powerful, modern design with technical innovations and numerous improvements to details. The legendary good driving and handling characteristics, the impressive versatility and the proverbial reliability of this sporty model series remain top quality.
The launch of the new Sportsman 570 in Europe is scheduled for autumn 2020. At the same time as the new platform, Polaris is presenting many new color and decor variants as well as new accessory options. This allows the bestseller among ATVs to be designed more individually than ever before.

The basic version of the new Sportsman 570 can be ordered with or without electronic power steering (EPS).

Color: White Lightning

The premium version SP is characterized by 14-inch aluminum wheels, painted panels and double triangular wishbones on the front axle. “Many people discover their passion for off-road driving through ATVs. This is why these compact, sporty devices are gaining new customer groups. The sportsman in particular has long been considered an icon in our industry and plays an important role in the history of our brand, ”explains Steven Menneto, President Polaris Off Road. “With the completely redeveloped platform of the 570, the Sportsman reaches a new level – our best-selling ATV is well prepared for the future.”

color Turbo Silver. Model with Ohlins dampers

With Hunter Edition, Black Edition, Agri Pro Edition and Öhlins Edition, there are four independent equipment variants to choose from for a wide variety of purposes, which will also be available during the year. All edition models are perfectly prepared for their respective tasks in work and leisure.

Color black pearl

Modern design and many useful features
The most striking innovation of the Sportsman 570 is its powerful design, which is harmonious from front to back. Sharper lines give it an aggressive appearance.

At the same time, the self-confident look goes hand in hand with greater utility. The eye-catching headlight unit on the handlebar has an integrated LED work light and a shop closing time. The LED main headlights accommodate the direction indicators. With all the style awareness, however, the focus is always on the user: the even more intuitive operation, the True On-Demand all-wheel drive that can be activated with one hand movement, sequential gearshifts and brake actuation via just one lever characterize the simple, efficient and safe operating concept of the new Sportsman 570.

Polaris has enlarged the starter battery to 18Ah. This means that the starter performs 78 percent more than before during cold starts. At the same time, the battery can be reached even more easily for maintenance purposes in its new location below the front luggage rack.

The engine braking system (EBS), which is standard in some model variants, has been extensively recalibrated. With it, the Sportsman of the model year 2021 enables a smoother, easier-to-control ride on any terrain. In addition, models with EBS now have a new clutch that creates the frictional connection particularly gently at low speeds. This is particularly useful when precise driving is required – for example, when navigating narrow trails or when reversing to couple a trailer.

Even more reliable and powerful in tough use

The impression of uncompromising reliability and the premium feeling conveyed by the newly developed Sportsman 570 are based on numerous improvements in detail. Sealed sockets of the suspension, optimized brake lines, modified A-handlebars and a fully encapsulated ignition switch represent robust off-road technology. The standard equipment of the new 570 models also includes a steel rail for the front luggage rack. In combination with more robust fastening points, heavy loads can be fixed more easily and reliably.

As standard tires on all production models, the new Sportsman 570 has larger and even more resistant Carlisle tires with an outer diameter of 25 inches. They increase the ground clearance of the ATV and give it more driving comfort while at the same time reducing the risk of breakdowns on rough surfaces.

With a ground clearance of 29.6 centimeters, the new Sportsman 570 can shoulder a payload of up to 232 kilograms and, if necessary, also pulls a larger trailer load of 680 kilograms.

Diverse customization options

The Sportsman 570 also clearly outperforms its predecessor in terms of accessories. Customers can extensively equip the new ATV and customize it according to their ideas. For the first time for the Sportsman series, audio solutions from Rockford Fosgate® will be on the option list. This includes a Rockford Fosgate® add-on audio box with 6-inch speakers. The box connects to the system via Bluetooth® and can be perfectly installed on the rear luggage rack using Polaris Lock & Ride technology.

With angular bumpers and protection bars as well as an optimized range of rims and tires, the new Sportsman 570 can be equipped for use on any surface.

As a dynamic all-rounder, the new Sportsman 570 also has a preparation for winch and snow plow with the particularly easy-to-install PRO HD winch and plow system as well as cabling for a handlebar heating. The range of storage space systems with Polaris Lock & Ride has also been expanded – the open cargo box as well as the cool box and cargo box for the rear are fully compatible with the rear luggage rail and the improved rack system. Polaris also offers modified windscreens to match the new design of the handlebar-mounted light unit.

Overview: The new Polaris Sportsman 570, model year 2021
Sportsman 570 – Sage Green or White Lightning
Sportsman 570 EPS – Sage Green, White Lightning or Zenith Blue
Sportsman 570 EPS SP – Titanium Metallic
Sportsman 570 EPS Hunter Special Edition – Polaris Pursuit Camo
Sportsman 570 EPS Black Special Edition – Black Pearl
Sportsman 570 EPS Agri Pro Special Edition – Sage Green
Sportsman 570 EPS SP Öhlins Special Edition – Turbo Silver
The Sportsman 570 starts in Germany with a starting price of € 8,470 (incl. 16% VAT). In Austria, the basic version starts at € 8,799 (incl. 20% VAT, possibly plus NoVA).

The websites and will be updated shortly with the individual model variants, street approvals and prices.

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