Registration for the Polaris Challenge Morocco is now possible

Press release Polaris 05/06/21

The new Polaris Challenge Morocco 2021 is starting for the first time: a first-class Polaris side-by-side event. The event is organized in close cooperation between the Polaris importer for Morocco, YMF Extreme Motors and the experienced rally organizer Carta Rallye.

Located just at the gates of the Sahara desert in M’hamid El Ghizlane, the first edition of the Polaris Challenge Morocco will be between the October 16 and 23 aligned this year. The routes were specially written for side-by-sides and give the owners of the Polaris side-by-sides the unique opportunity to experience their own vehicles in a real off-road adventure and to experience pure adrenaline on the occasion of intense driving for seven days.

Drivers from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa are invited to experience exciting trails and the indescribable dunes of Morocco, whereby the new event invites strategy, knowledge of off-road driving and fun in a unique concept including GPS point-to-point -Unite navigation. Every day the participants experience new routes on 150 to 200 kilometers. The aim of the rally is to reach the end of the stage in a given time and to navigate as precisely as possible in order to drive as few kilometers as possible. The participants have to choose between off-road routes in order to find the perfect balance between speed and distance.

“We look forward to hosting this new event for Polaris owners – not just for the Moroccan community, but for all Polaris owners around the world,” said YMF Extreme Motor Management. “Neither the language we speak nor the country we come from play a role, because we are all united thanks to our love for off-road driving. This new event is the perfect opportunity to experience and share that love. The event is designed so that both experienced RZR owners and drivers without many years of rally experience get their money’s worth. The rally is the perfect place to test your driving skills, get out of your comfort zone and experience the possibilities of the Polaris model range. This event will be unforgettable. “

It can look something like this while driving through the desert

Registration for the Polaris Challenge Morocco is now possible

The event is open to all Polaris owners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The registration includes accommodation, meals, liability insurance, medical staff, mountain service, tracker and free service by Polaris Morocco (spare parts not included). In order to make participation as easy and comfortable as possible, the organizers are organizing a transport solution for the participants’ vehicles and the associated equipment. In addition, collection points for the transports in Europe (with destination Morocco) are offered, as well as airport and hotel transfers to the event. *

“The rally concept differs from the usual rally events or guided tours. We organize this event in close cooperation with the Carta Rallye team, which also organizes the Carta Rallye itself and the BAJA SSV Morocco. They have immense international rally experience, which means that the participants of the Polaris Challenge Morocco will experience support, logistics and service at a world-class level. “

The possibility to register for this event is now available and closes on September 17th. Entry fees in 2021 will be 2,490 euros (2,200 pounds) per driver and 1,490 euros (1,320 pounds) per passenger.

* Vehicle transport and airport / hotel transfer are charged additionally. Flights are not included in the registration fee.

Chris Armelin from the Carta Rallye team answers questions on +44 7966 207715 or on


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