Louis, Europe’s number one for motorcycle clothing and technology, and Cardo, the world market leader for motorcycle intercom systems, are working together.

In 2015, Cardo launched the PACKTALK, the first motorcycle intercom system whose technology went beyond Bluetooth with Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC). To this day, Cardo has further developed and improved this technology and, with the PACKTALKs, offers the perfect partner on the motorcycle – whether traveling alone or in a group. The system is of course also suitable for all quad and ATV drivers who want or need to communicate on the go. The advantages: Bluetooth creates a rigid connection chain in which every additional driver represents a potential “break point” for the chain. If only one connection is lost, it will also break down for everyone else. The DMC works via multiple connections between the individual devices that create a flexible network. Each DMC device acts as its own connection node, which continuously searches for known devices. Drivers can freely change their position within the group and seamlessly join the group, leave it and join it again. The DMC technology can be found in the top products from Cardo, PACKTALK BOLD, PACKTALK BLACK and PACKTALK Slim – and now also in the “Louis Edition”. All Cardo devices are completely waterproof. The scope of delivery of the PACKTALK “Louis Edition” includes standard HD speakers.

The “Louis Edition” is available for 299 euros in the Louis online shop and also in all branches as soon as they are reopened.


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