KULBA presents the Teardrop: Small, quite light and therefore ideally suited for tours with an ATV. Let’s look at the trailer.

Caravans have a special flair: They are comfortable, stand alone as a base on a campsite, the owner can explore the area with his vehicle. If the towing vehicle is an ATV, as in our case, it can also go off-road while the trailer is parked waiting for the ATV driver to return. After all, the trailer is a cozy resting and sleeping area with cooking and washing up facilities.


The KULBA has an empty weight of 380 to 560 and a permissible total weight of 750 kilograms. It is optionally equipped with 13-, 14- or 15-inch tires and can thus be easily adapted to the wishes of the respective buyer. The KULBA Rebel, which is also available, has a braked Nieper rubber spring axle with a waterproof hub and shock absorbers. This model, which is more intended for off-road use, is not absolutely necessary if the teardrop is understood as a sleeping option with a “campsite” location. The cabin is completely insulated. This creates good conditions for overnight stays. On the one hand the camper is quite quiet, on the other hand the cold stays outside and warmth inside. That makes it all-weather capable, even if you basically only have one sleeping option with you. Interestingly, the mattress used is very flexible and can be converted into a bench or seat. To do this, you fold it up and you get comfortable seating. The interior is quite small due to the size of the trailer. In addition, the foot area is covered with a kind of cupboard. The lying area is 1.98 meters by 1.35 meters. The side design is classically available in epoxy resin-coated veneer, aluminum or with a hard-wearing Line-X coating.

The comfort

In addition to the comfortable mattress, the camper also has other details that make life easier. There are two sockets on board as well as a small sink with a ten liter water tank. You can use it to wash your dishes yourself. The dirty water is collected in a canister and can be disposed of separately. This makes sense on longer tours and enhances the trailer. If desired, a stove can be set up on the large storage areas of the kitchen in the rear area of ​​the trailer. Both flat and high stoves fit. These areas provide a good opportunity to prepare smaller dishes. The existing cabinets hold quite a bit of equipment. The trailer is also equipped with two windows and a skylight. These are also equipped with blackout blinds, which actually deserve the name. A 12 volt system is used as the power supply, although electricity can also be fed in externally and the 220 volt sockets can be used.

The fun factor

The teardrop just looks great. The design is simple and without unnecessary frills. The model doesn’t look simple or cheap either. On the contrary: if you look at the details of the trailer, you will quickly see that the quality of the vehicle is right. The trailers are hand built in Latvia, with the base coming from Germany. SIA KULBA was founded in 2011 by Aldis Bokmelders in Riga, Latvia. Ingo Host from Germany joined in 2014. He takes over the sales in this country. So the quality and the service are right, which completely convinces us. The price is okay at around 11,000 euros.

Text and photos: Martin Zink

KULBA teardrop

Dimensions: length approx. 3,830 mm depending on the version, braked / unbraked, width approx. 1,890 mm, height approx. 1,830 mm, height of the cabin approx. 1,300 mm, ground clearance 127 mm, empty weight: from 380 kg – braked version with cupboards and technology approx. 490 kg, permissible total weight: 750 kg, wheel size: 13 inches, axle: Nieper rubber spring axle, optionally braked with shock absorbers, unbraked without shock absorbers

Price: approx. 11,000 euros (depending on the equipment)

SIA KULBA, Amulas 8, Riga, LV-1002 / Latvia, Tel. +49 0391/2515274, Mail ingo.host@kulba.cool, www.kulba.cool/de



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