In the past there were only wristwatches. Read the time, maybe the date – done. Then came watches with more and more functions, timekeeping, two time zones and the like.

Today, so-called smartwatches can do almost anything. And now there’s Suunto 9. With one little marvel on your wrist, you can cover everything that’s important to you on the go or during your workout. The Finnish manufacturer Suunto delivers a cool, functional outdoor sports watch with its 9 Baro model. That’s where it starts: more than 80 different types of sports, in addition to the classics such as running or cycling, as well as trend sports and exotic activities. Water and winter sports, strength or endurance, even bowling, the Suunto 9 monitors your activities. The likes of us will enjoy the motorsport functions. Your training and/or vital functions are always under control.

Alternatively, the watch offers good tracking and a very good routing function with a calibrated compass. Suunto says the 9 Baro’s battery lasts seven to 14 days, depending on usage. The high-energy training modes with GPS last for almost 30 hours. This also applies to energy efficiency. It is the possibilities and options in combination with a long battery life as well as precise tracking options, durability and precise navigation that make this watch recommendable. Instead of the wrist, it can of course also be attached to the handlebar pad. For example as a cool navigation system.

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