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The new ATV model MXU 550i T Offroad LOF has a completely new design: The imposing, forward-facing front with large, central radiator grille and the sporty, sharp fairing give the new all-wheel-drive vehicle an aggressive appearance. Kymco has not just left it with the modern facelift, but has also revised important details. The new side panels increase the all-round protection of the 550 cubic, easy-to-turn single cylinder, which offers plenty of ground clearance, more storage space and an optimized chassis. Another special feature is the agricultural and forestry approval. As a result, the attractive commercial vehicle already offers extras as standard, such as a trailer coupling, cable winch and hill descent aid for work assignments – and can also drive on public roads without power limitation.

Large selection:
Kymco from Taiwan is one of the largest ATV commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. The field of application of the practical ATVs, which also offer a lot of driving fun, has steadily increased in recent years. This is why Kymco is showing new vehicle models in its MXU ATV series in three displacement classes – 300, 550 and 700 cubic meters – and will be offering a diverse selection in 2020. All Kymco ATVs can be equipped with a wide range of accessories for a wide variety of seasonal jobs. Farmers and foresters, janitorial and handicraft businesses, mountain and beach rescue services, garden and vineyard owners, adventure parks, ski areas and small businesses appreciate the advantages of four-wheel drive vehicles, with which one can penetrate into the most remote corners and also drive on arable land with care. With the new MXU 550i T Offroad LOF, Kymco is also offering a very attractive ATV model as a commercial vehicle.

New modern design:
The new design emphasizes the sporty, dynamic character of the MXU 550i T Offroad LOF even more intensely and makes it visually striking: The imposing front features a huge radiator grille flanked by two aggressive headlights. The bold face is characterized by LED round headlights packed behind protective glass in a double pack with round indicators, while oval, bright LED taillights shine at the rear. Robust fairing parts emphasize the powerful demands of the ATV. Large off-road tires give the power pack more ground clearance on forest and meadow paths. The contemporary full fairing from the cockpit to the handlebars also offers better all-round protection for hands and legs. The large luggage racks at the front and rear have also been reinforced and fit perfectly into the overall concept of the Kymco MXU 550i T Offroad LOF.

Improved focus:
The 16.5 liter tank is now installed under the comfortable seating area for the driver and pillion passenger (two-person approval) – the filler neck is located at the rear like on the car. This new arrangement of the tank optimizes the center of gravity of the 370.5 kg device. It provides more balance and a sophisticated chassis that shows its advantages both on and off-road use. The repositioning of the tank also frees up space for a storage compartment in the front.

Excellent performance:
With its easy-revving 501 cubic four-stroke single-cylinder engine with electronic injection, the ATV is also very dynamic when it comes to exits alongside work. Through the open power, the MXU 550i reveals its powerful genes with impulsive 35.4 PS (26 kW at 6500 rpm) and a torque of 40 Nm at 6006 rpm when it accelerates up to 90 km / h. This guarantees sporty starts and smooth driving.

Ideal dimensions:
With its small dimensions of 2108 mm in length and 1255 mm in width, the agile Kymco ATV is also suitable for distances that other vehicles cannot drive on. The rough off-road tires have a lot of grip and at the same time protect the ground with the wide tire contact. The combination of relatively low weight, powerful engine and easy handling – thanks to independent suspension and wide track width – make the MXU 550i T Offroad LOF a real alternative to larger vehicles.

More equipment:
Kymco offers a large selection of accessories that are specially tailored to the different work assignments of its ATVs: The spectrum ranges from winter service to forestry work to emergency operations for mountain rescue. As standard, the MXU 550i T Offroad LOF is equipped with stepless variator, all-wheel drive, front axle lock, reduction gear and hill descent aid. A central LCD cockpit provides information on speed, temperature and all-wheel drive status. There are also extras such as a cable winch that can be controlled from the handlebars and a trailer hitch. A switch positioned on the handlebar for convenient activation of the four-wheel drive and the front axle lock is particularly advantageous. The MXU with the sturdy tubular steel frame enables a high payload and is easy to drive with the very easy to adjust brakes. The adjustable spring struts offer plenty of spring reserve even on rough ground. The MXU 550i T Offroad LOF impresses not only off-road, but also on the road with powerful acceleration, pleasant damping and very good cornering, also thanks to the anti-roll bar on the rear axle. As a standard tractor with LOF approval, the MXU 550i T Offroad LOF offers the advantage that it can be driven on the road with a car driver’s license and open power and at the same time can be used for agricultural and forestry purposes.

Cheap price:
The MXU 550i T Offroad LOF is available as standard with agricultural and forestry approval in the color black / red at a price of 7,800 euros plus transportation costs. Detailed information on the ATV, quad and scooter offers is available from over 500 Kymco dealers in Germany or at:

Technical data: MXU 550 EXi EPS

Dimensions (L / W / H / seat height) 2108/1255/1405 – 1565/895 mm
Empty weight / perm. Total weight 370.5 kg (ready to drive) / 577 kg
Tank capacity 16.5 l
Top speed 90 km / h
1-cylinder four-stroke engine, liquid-cooled,
4 valves and electronic injection
Cubic capacity 501 cc
Output 26 kW (35.4 PS) at 6500 rpm
Torque 40 Nm at 6006 rpm
Starter electric
Clutch centrifugal oil bath clutch
Transmission Infinitely variable variator, reverse gear, reduction gear, switchable front wheel drive, switchable differential lock at the front and parking position
Front suspension double A-arms with adjustable struts
Rear suspension double A-arms with adjustable spring struts and anti-roll bar
Front brake 2 disc brakes (202 mm Ø)
Rear brake 2 disc brakes (202 mm Ø)
Tires (front / rear) 25 × 8-12 “(205/70 – R14) and 25 × 10-12” (205/70 – R14)
Drive cardan shaft


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