New: Can Am Ryker. The driver’s license is sufficient to drive on public roads.

– Affordable: available from € 9,799 and easy driving thanks to twist-and-go technology
– Fun: innovative driving that inspires confidence. A Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition for the gravel road.
– Customizable: more than 75,000 personalization options, including many snap-on / snap-off accessories, shopping via the Ryker app

Press release Can-Am: Denver (USA) / Hilden (Germany) September 2018 – Canadian manufacturer BRP is shaking up the three-wheeler category with the introduction of a brand new Can-Am model. Designed as an affordable, fun and customizable vehicle, the Can-Am Ryker is the perfect choice for everyone who longs for adventure and wants to discover the fun of open-top driving on the road. The Can-Am Ryker should be available in Germany at the start of the season in early 2019. (Editor’s note: Use on the road with a car driver’s license)

The Can-Am Ryker is a completely new model in the Can-Am on-road vehicle range that now includes both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder families. With its design, the Can-Am Ryker wants to offer as many people as possible a great on-road experience, and scores with driving comfort and a low purchase price of € 9,799.

The Rallye Ryker is suitable for light off-road use.

“Our research shows that thousands of people around the world would consider buying a three-wheeler if it were more affordable,” said Josée Perreault, senior vice-president, Can-Am On-Road at BRP. “The Can-Am Ryker tackles this hurdle uncompromisingly – it is ultra-modern and has a long list of innovative and technological features […] In addition, it looks great and is a lot of driving fun! “

Driving fun on three wheels for everyone

The Can-Am Ryker is available with two renowned engine options: a Rotax 600 ACE two-cylinder or a Rotax 900 ACE three-cylinder. It also has a durable drive shaft that requires no adjustment, alignment, or maintenance, reducing costs for the owner. Can-Am Ryker owners can look forward to adjustable handlebars and footrests that can be adapted to the needs of different drivers in seconds without additional tools or parts.

The Can-Am Ryker is arguably the easiest to drive three-wheeler vehicle ever built. With its automatic transmission, the driver does not have to change gears – the ultimate definition of twist and go. In addition to a vehicle stability system, it has the Y-shaped chassis from Can-Am with two front wheels and one rear wheel for first-class stability and braking power. The vehicle is characterized by its excellent responsiveness and a low center of gravity, which gives the driver direct contact with the road.

The Can-Am Ryker is equipped with an automatic CVT transmission. Switching is not necessary.

“Everyone thinks of a hidden catch or trick when buying the Ryker, but there is none,” continues Perreault. “It’s just incredibly good value for money, which is critical to our efforts to open a new market. Part of the target group consists of young drivers who want a great look and an individual style. “

More than 75,000 customization options

The Can-Am Ryker can be customized in more than 75,000 ways with unique accessories, all of which are easy to swap out. Functional accessories are also available for driving alone or as a couple for additional storage space and more. The prices of all accessories are also affordable according to the vehicle price.

Color design and chic made easy with the Can-Am Ryker.

“The Can-Am Ryker also provides a whole new shopping experience. We have developed a Can-Am Ryker app that takes augmented reality to a new level, ”adds Perreault. “It’s the first app for BRP, and it’s impressive in every way. Everyone can customize their vehicle here for the perfect driving experience and then see it in front of them, filling the space. “

Cam-Am Ryker Rally Edition for unpaved roads

For all those who prefer cobbled streets, but also want to discover the fun off the beaten track, there is the versatile Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition.

The rally edition offers additional features that make it strong and efficient and give the driver the confidence to explore unpaved roads. This includes the rally mode, which allows the driver to drift on gravel and gravel without losing control.

Under Learn more about the Can-Am Rider Education Program and the full 2019 Can-Am On-Road offering, including full product details and specifications.


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