Travel individually and enjoy the freedom. The four-wheeler is part of it, it just has to go with it. But there are things that can ruin the most beautiful day. About a maneuvering error with the trailer.

CaraWarn is a new company in Breitenberg in Schleswig-Holstein. Specialized in alarm systems, reversing aids and side scanners for caravans. “Our systems can be installed quickly and easily and can be installed in almost any vehicle,” says managing director Andreas Matthes. However, he also offers a reversing alarm for trailers. Ideal for transporting quads, ATVs and side-by-sides, which often require larger trailers. For the little challenges in everyday life, “ParkWarn Bus-Easy-2” is a smart product on offer that makes maneuvering child’s play. The reversing alarm is simply connected to the 12-volt connection in the car, but without annoying cable connections. The signal is transmitted via the on-board electrics and is therefore absolutely free of interference. Better than deals with Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

Andreas made one of his systems available to us, which we mounted on the editorial trailer. This is not a problem for somewhat experienced screwdrivers, the instructions are clear. Only for the older, seven-pin connector, revealed a small weakness. We got the power connection via the license plate lighting of the trailer, which means that the system only works when the lighting of the towing vehicle is active. 13-pole systems also have a connection to the reversing light of the towing vehicle, to which we can connect the sensors. ParkWarn is activated when reverse gear is engaged. The installation was done within 30 minutes and we were able to set out for a test and park the car and trailer. The charged ATV blocks the view to the rear. Backward – March! If you approach an obstacle, the two sensors recognize the danger and the Easykey supplied – plugged into the 12-volt connection in the console – emits a clearly audible warning tone. Reliable and early enough, provided that the sensors have been adjusted according to the instructions.

The system is characterized by its absolute reliability and easy assembly. Then there is the low price. Even the smallest paintwork damage after a parking bump will probably exceed the acquisition costs of this innovative helper. The products are sold on the website, known among campers, and on Interested users will find detailed descriptions of items and functions here, along with catchy animations on how this little electronic wonder works.

Text and photos: Ralf Wilke


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