The new brand from Germany in the Electric UTV/ SxS vehicle sector is now taking off. The 12-strong Mandrill team looks back on more than nine years of experience in the field of hybrid and e-drive development!

This includes areas of responsibility such as prototype construction, but also hardware and software development, as well as many successfully completed projects in the field of electrification and hybridization of conventional vehicles for passenger and goods transport. Special vehicles were also created for one of the toughest areas of application in the world, mining. The latter vehicle is now in series production and is available on the market worldwide. The SxS from Mandrill is now also to go into series production. The idea for this came about in 2019, which was initially pursued more casually out of enthusiasm. The development of the first prototype was based on an Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000, as this is a very compact vehicle and Mandrill wanted to design the drive train to be as compact and powerful as possible. The prototype M-ONE is currently still being used as a test vehicle and demonstrator and can be driven by interested parties and skeptics alike. The new frame, which will also have FIA ​​approval, is currently being constructed in cooperation with a well-known and successful SxS Dakar Racing Team. For the series vehicle, Mandrill only uses certified high-volume components from well-known suppliers and even original equipment manufacturers, which speaks for an extremely high quality standard and ensures that the requirements can be covered for the start of series production planned for summer 2023. Even the software is developed in-house at Mandrill and is based on a sophisticated software architecture. The pre-orders are already running. From now on everyone can reserve a vehicle for themselves. The receipt of the reservation is equal to the order of delivery.

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