The “Quad and ATV friends” from the district of Osnabrück will also do a St. Nicholas Tour in 2020. However, because of the corona pandemic, under completely different circumstances.

Nicholas Tour 2020

Also this year the Quad and ATV friends go on a St. Nicholas tour. Since the whole world is currently in corona fever, which each and every one of you is also feeling, it is a pity, especially for the small and needy children of the Don Bosco children’s home in Osnabrück, that they Quad and ATV friends Due to the Corona regulations, children are not allowed to take them on a small tour around the children’s home!
Like the last 15 years before, the motorsport fans from the Osnabrück district will collect donations in kind from companies and private individuals and bring them to the children’s home.

The fact that we are not allowed to make friends with the children in the home this year spurred me on to plan a replacement St. Nicholas tour. We meet like every year at Sandhopper Lothar in Aschendorf. There we transform ourselves into Nikolaus helpers and drive our decorated quads and ATVs through various towns and cities in the Osnabrück district.

The local media will be informed about this St. Nicholas tour in advance. At prominent points and at a certain time, the Quad and ATV friends, of course, in compliance with the Corona safety regulations, chocolate Santa Clauses are distributed to waiting children.

Every motorsport fan is invited on Sunday 6 December 2020 from 2 go on this St. Nicholas tour with us.

The Quad and ATV friends will adhere to the Corona regulations according to the regulations and thus give no cause for complaint Please also inform other motorsport fans. Help for those in need is always needed. Everyone is addressed here.

The Quad and ATV friends We wish all motorsport fans a Merry Christmas and, above all, a Happy New Year 2021.

Contact via “Lothar Rohde” on Facebook


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