Help and rescue services are increasingly using side-by-sides. Equipped, upgraded or retrofitted by dealers and specialist companies, the vehicles help to rescue the injured from inaccessible areas.

The mountain rescue services in particular appreciate the capabilities of the vehicles. This is also the case with the Wasserkuppe mountain rescue service in Hesse. With their recently acquired Can-Am Traxter, the helpers free people from awkward situations on the hiking trails in the Rhön. Even mountain bikers often cannot make it out of the forest on their own after a fall, and neither do paragliders or cross-country skiers.

Vehicle attendant Sebastian Mihm knows about the problems when using UTVs: “Two men crew, equipment and mostly the emergency doctor are on board. Together with the patient, 300 kilograms and more can quickly be put on the loading area. ”Too much to be able to travel gently and safely, but at the same time as quickly as possible to the rescue station or hospital.

The chassis quickly reach their limits in the rescue service. TFX Suspension can help here. The Dutch specialists have recently started offering special shock absorbers for the load carriers. The series parts are exchanged for fully adjustable models that can be adapted to the application. The Hessian Traxter is the first UTV that was converted in Weert. “Our vehicle has clearly gained in cross-country mobility,” sums up the deputy on-call manager Philipp Müller after the first test, “because the Traxter can now cope better with the increased weight and the changed center of gravity.” The TFX team under Hans-Dieter Fischer provides the setups on request to:


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