With the SCORPIUS LED product family, Nordic Lights offers the robust and compact models N4402 to N4410. The N4408 stands out for us ATV drivers.

The headlight was designed to replace the “high beam” of an HID / Xenon headlight. Due to the slightly different light architecture in LED headlights, an adequate replacement was created with the “Pencil Beam” image. The depth of the light guide and the structure of the new type of diode ensure a range of up to 430 meters. With this photo, five different lighting patterns are now possible for the SCORPIUS product family.

The “Wide Flood” for wide close-range illumination, the “Flood” for focusing close-range illumination, the “Low Beam” for ambient lighting, the “High Beam” for far-reaching long-range illumination and the “Pencil Beam”. In addition to the models listed, every headlight in this product family is also optionally available with the unique “Quake-Damp” damping system!

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