The highest technical standard, intuitive operation, modern design – that’s the new CS ONE.

The Swedish world market leader CTEK presents an adaptive battery charging and maintenance device that sets new standards with innovative technology. Charging batteries has never been easier and safer than with this new device. What type of battery is installed and which terminal should be connected to which pole? Thanks to polarity-free terminals, which are also spark-proof, there is no need to think about which terminal needs to be connected where. The so-called APTO technology automatically recognizes the battery type and then activates the appropriate charging program.

Finally, a display shows the remaining charging time until it is ready for use. Additional functions can be activated using the CTEK app, e.g. B. RECOND to restore and recondition the battery, WAKE UP for lithium-ion batteries with undervoltage protection or over-discharged lead-acid batteries, and SUPPLY to turn the CS ONE into a convenient 12V source. The voltage and current supplied by the charger can also be monitored. The CS ONE works with a maximum charging current of eight amperes (A) and is suitable for all 12 V batteries (lead-acid and lithium-ion). Finally, the charger, which comes with a five-year guarantee, impresses with its compact dimensions and low weight, and is electronic, splash-water and dust-proof. The CS ONE is now available in well-stocked parts and accessories stores for EUR 230.

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