Jane Clemets can no longer imagine her daily work without the support of the Polaris Ranger.

Polaris press release: Robust workhorse with a high level of comfort: The Polaris RANGER is one of the most popular side-by-side commercial vehicles worldwide and has already convinced over a million customers of its capabilities. The all-rounder has to prove his versatility again in the film series “RANGER Stories”: Polaris has accompanied various owners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa who presented their RANGER with the toughest challenges. The seventh part takes us to the English county of Bedfordshire, where the Polaris RANGER is an indispensable helper on the farm of the Clements family.

In Great Britain
Owning and running a small farm away from the city – that has always been the great wish of the Clements family. The perfect opportunity came in 2018. Jane Clements moved to Corbetts Hill Farm with her family and horses. The big dream came true.
The property with its four hectares of agricultural land is located in the north-west of London in the county of Bedfordshire and is surrounded by the typical, beautiful British countryside. Everything appears peaceful and picturesque. What does not catch the eye at first glance is the amount of work and time required to maintain and run the farm. To make the day’s work easier and faster, the Clements family bought a Polaris RANGER 570 last year – and have been happy about the hardworking and reliable helper ever since.

“It is great that we can now keep our horses on our own property. But it’s also a lot of work, ”says Jane Clements. “We bought our Polaris RANGER about a year ago – it’s incredible what a difference it makes. I don’t even know how we managed everything before without him. “
For the seventh episode of “RANGER Stories”, Polaris accompanied Jane Clements for a day to experience what the management of Corbetts Hill Farm means from sunrise to sunset. With its 227 kilogram loading area, it is easy for the RANGER 570 to transport materials such as horse feed or water. With the CargoMax system from Polaris, even more can be moved back and forth per trip. The Clements family also installed the Polaris Pro Heavy-Duty winch on the RANGER to move fallen trees around their property.

All-wheel drive and winch are indispensable in “property maintenance”.

Because the RANGER 570 is road legal in Great Britain, Jane can use the vehicle at any time to drive to the local equestrian shop or to the nearby allotment garden. Thanks to its very compact dimensions, the RANGER 570 easily masters all paths on the farm, fits into barns and stables, through gates and gates and even moves effortlessly in the forest – this would hardly be possible with a four-wheel drive car. Thanks to its ground clearance of 25.4 centimeters and the fast-reacting all-wheel drive, the RANGER does not pose any major challenges to ridden paths or muddy fields.
There is always something to do on the small farm, and there is rarely any thought of free time. The RANGER 570 helps the Clement family to solve all tasks more efficiently – and makes their work a lot easier.


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