A legend revives 3P – Pedalo Power Parts – now. The Westphalians have a new cabin scooter in their range that corresponds to the famous Messerschmitt model down to the smallest detail.

Fully retro: the cult vehicle of the 1950s is back.

This had three wheels and two passengers could sit one behind the other. The body was very narrow and aerodynamic. The two front wheels were steerable. In the rear, a two-stroke engine powered the vehicle, which was popular in the 1950s. The passenger compartment was covered by a plexiglass hood that could be swiveled to one side and was reminiscent of an aircraft cockpit. Stefan Niemerg and his team are now running the new Messerschmitt-Werke cabin scooter. A 125cc four-stroke engine drives the new edition called KR 202, the electronic variant KR-E 5000 comes with a 5KW electric motor. Both versions have inherited all the genes of their ancestors, but above all driving pleasure. The cabin scooter is classified as a new vehicle and complies with the construction and usage regulations of the StVZO.

Fresh air: the new cabin scooter is also available as a convertible and with an electric drive.

It is built in Spain and delivered with COC or German papers. 3P takes care of these documents and the associated technical adjustments. The new KR 202 Sport hardly differs from the original, but it has modern modifications such as more modern lights, front spoilers, etc. All the fun costs only a fraction of the price you would have to pay for an original today.

Check out the website http://messerschmitt-werke.de times and talk to Stefan about it. He is under https://3ppp.de available as an exclusive distributor. And in the current issue of your Quadwelt is even more about the cult.


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