That is the goal in Brühl near Cologne, at the local Automobilservice Schmitz. That’s when the quads and ATVs business actually started, as is so often the case in our scene.

Dennis and Melly have gasoline in their blood.

Namely with the enthusiasm of the company boss for their versatility and performance. So Dennis turned his hobby and passion for cars and ATVs / quads into his profession. His wife Melly, who is also an enthusiastic ATV enthusiast, says he is an old-school “screwdriver” with gasoline in his blood. Despite – or perhaps because of – their handicap. Melly is dependent on a wheelchair. Daughter Mia also works in the family business, which from 2003 initially looked after cars, vans and trucks as a freelance workshop, and later also quads and ATVs.

There is always something going on in the workshop. Interesting vehicles beyond the ATV range.

With the acceptance of a dealer agreement from Quadix, the company grows with a new sales room to adequately present the Linhai and Stels models. The decision for this cooperation was made on the one hand out of sympathy with the Bamberg importer, but also out of conviction for the sophisticated vehicles with a good price-performance ratio. “We not only sell, we also offer repairs, overhaul and conversions according to customer requirements,” says Dennis and emphasizes that there is no stress or hectic in his “shop”. “It is important to us to make our customers happy! And to have a new Quad / ATV crazy among us. “

Dennis knows what he’s talking about and what he’s selling: the boss still drives here himself!


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