All-electric Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic heralds a new era in the UTV segment

Expected with excitement and electrifying from the start: the completely new Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic is the first utility task vehicle (UTV) with a whisper-quiet electric drive. With the locally emission-free device, Polaris, the world market leader for innovative powersports and off-road vehicles, is once again setting the standards in its industry. The particularly environmentally friendly model is convincing as the toughest, most powerful and at the same time most comfortable workhorse in its class. The heart – the all-round new and locally emission-free electric drive – is the result of the cooperation between Polaris and Zero Motorcycles®.

With impressive performance, enormous productivity, amazing variability and remarkable robustness, the Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic pushes the boundaries in the UTV segment. The all-electric side-by-side commercial vehicle (SxS) will debut at Polaris dealerships in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the summer of 2022.

“Driver-oriented innovations have a long tradition at Polaris, because our vehicles perfectly meet the needs of their users. What’s more, they exceed all expectations, ”explains Mike Speetzen, CEO of Polaris. “For us, this reputation is combined with the tireless aspiration to continue to provide our customers with unique driving experiences in the future. Thanks to the cooperation with Zero Motorcycles®, we are now opening up entirely new possibilities for Polaris drivers – so the fascination of electric mobility can be experienced and felt. The new RANGER XP Kinetic embodies this in a particularly impressive manner. “

Background: In September last year, Polaris and Zero Motorcycles® one exclusive partnership agreed to jointly develop all-electric off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. The California-based company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric motorcycles and electric drive systems. The all-electric RANGER XP Kinetic is the first Polaris model to be created as part of this partnership.

The newcomer impresses with the highest performance and the strongest pulling power in its segment. The side-by-side commercial vehicle has more power than ever before, takes even larger loads on the hook, transports more and gets jobs done even faster. The enormous torque of the modern electric drive is available immediately and almost without delay. The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic masters towing and towing heavy loads playfully and confidently as well as safely. Another advantage: The most advanced drive in the industry has significantly fewer moving parts than a conventional internal combustion engine. This reduces maintenance costs, minimizes service times and increases productivity.

The particularly environmentally friendly electric drive has many practical advantages in everyday life: thanks to the high level of acoustic comfort, passengers can chat even more undisturbed, while early risers with the Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic can take action before sunrise without waking their neighbors from their sleep . Last but not least, the low-noise electric drive is perfect for stalking or carefully approaching paddocks.

“The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic is the ideal vehicle for everyone who works hard and is proud of it – customers who value performance and always want to do their jobs in the best possible way,” said Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Off Road. “It is precisely for these customers that the RANGER XP Kinetic offers numerous advantages thanks to its electric drive: It enables even more efficient work, removes even more and thus increases productivity.”

“Electrifying one of the best side-by-side vehicles in its class is a very demanding task. The cooperation with Polaris offers us two advantages: the best UTV in the industry as the perfect base and an extremely qualified, committed team, ”emphasized Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “As a provider of drive solutions, we, on the other hand, have brought in our technology and our great passion for electric drives. The result of this collaboration between Zero Motorcycles and Polaris is convincing: The new all-electric RANGER offers a unique driving experience. Typically Polaris, the focus was always on the customer – every innovation should primarily benefit him. “

Buyers of the 3-seater Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic can choose between the two equipment versions Premium and Ultimate. the Premium variant comes with a lithium-ion battery ex works with a capacity of 14.9 kWh. This means that the all-electric full-size side-by-side enables an anticipated range of up to 70 kilometers. in the RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate Thanks to a battery capacity of 29.8 kWh, the maximum radius of action increases to an expected 130 kilometers. The Ultimate standard equipment also includes an infotainment system with RIDE COMMAND technology and an 18-centimeter touchscreen.

Strong draft horse – unstoppable in any terrain

The new Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic is currently the most powerful side-by-side commercial vehicle on the market. Thanks to the high engine output and the massive torque – which is available practically instantly – it can easily hook large loads of up to 1,134 kilograms and bring them to their destination with ease, even on difficult terrain. The maximum payload of 567 kilograms is unmatched in the industry.

The RANGER XP Kinetic is also ideally equipped for demanding off-road use and overcomes larger obstacles with ease. The all-electric UTV owes this, among other things, to the best-in-class ground clearance of 35.5 centimeters. The chassis swallows rough bumps with ease thanks to the 25.4 centimeters of suspension travel and impresses with a high level of comfort even in rough terrain. The eight-layer, 74 centimeter high Pro Armor X-Terrain tires combine excellent traction on rocky and deep ground with impressive robustness.

Extremely reliable with around 70 percent lower maintenance costs

Downtime as a result of a breakdown, for example, costs time, nerves and money. Owners of the new Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic will usually only get to know such problems from hearsay: The purely electric workhorse shines with exemplary reliability and thus enables maximum productivity. When used in rough terrain, the all-round front bumper and the continuous underrun protection prevent damage from rocks, branches and rubble. Both are part of the standard scope of the RANGER XP Kinetic.

The extremely low-maintenance electric drive has significantly fewer wearing parts than an internal combustion engine. This pays off in hard cash for owners of the Elektro-SxS: Since the regular replacement of spark plugs, oil filters, ignition coils, etc. is no longer necessary, the RANGER XP Kinetic scores with around 70 percent lower maintenance costs than a comparable model with a conventional engine. * *

The RANGER XP Kinetic has proven its reliability and durability, among other things, during extensive test drives under extreme conditions. In addition to the one-year factory warranty on the entire vehicle, Polaris grants a three-year warranty on the electric drive train. The warranty on the battery even extends for five years. ***

Practical all-rounder with clever equipment details

Quiet, emission-free and extremely powerful: The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic combines the best of both worlds. Its electric drive impresses with precise power delivery even at low speeds. In combination with the safe handling and the high towing capacity of 1,134 kilograms, this makes it ideal for use as a towing vehicle, for repair work on fences, raised stands and for all other uses where, in addition to power, excellent off-road capabilities and pronounced versatility are required.

Driving fun is not neglected on board the all-rounder either. The powerful torque can be called up at any time and with almost no delay and culminates in impressive acceleration. In addition, the RANGER XP Kinetic offers numerous practical equipment details that make everyday work easier and expand the range of possible uses. This includes, among other things, the 12-volt socket on the loading area / cargo box: It supplies external accessories such as sprayers with power and is suitable for quick and easy charging of portable batteries.

The operation of the all-electric SxS is also convenient and uncomplicated. Depending on requirements, the driver uses the completely redesigned selector lever in the cockpit to select the gear for high or low speeds. In addition, the RANGER XP Kinetic offers a park position as well as a neutral position. Switching between forward and reverse gear is done using a toggle switch – extremely practical, for example, when plowing.

In addition, the UTV has three different driving modes with which the electric drive can be adapted to the respective conditions:

  • Eco +: limits the torque and the top speed in favor of maximum range. Ideal for lighter work assignments.
  • Default: optimizes the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal for normal everyday driving and medium-duty work.
  • Sports: direct response of the accelerator pedal for dynamic driving and demanding jobs.

Innovative infotainment powered by RIDE COMMAND

Depending on the equipment, the new Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic has the advanced infotainment system with RIDE COMMAND technology. The 18 centimeter touchscreen provides information about the remaining range, the current charge status of the battery and much more. The driver can also set a waypoint at a charging station, for example. If necessary, the system calculates the current distance to the next energy source.

Fast and convenient charging

The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic offers tailor-made charging solutions for every purpose. If the battery is running low, the electric UTV can be easily recharged at a standard household socket. The standard scope of supply includes a power cable that enables level 1 and level 2 charging with 120 and 240 volts.

The premium equipment has a maximum charging power of 3 kW ex works. With the RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate, up to 6 kW are possible. In both cases, if the battery is completely flat, the energy storage device can be completely refilled within five hours, depending on the power connection. The optionally available onboard charging system increases the charging power to 6 kW in the RANGER XP Kinetic Premium and 9 kW in the Ultimate version. This can cut loading times in half.

Customizations and accessories for every purpose

Buyers of the new RANGER XP Kinetic benefit from practical synergies: 95 percent of the accessories that Polaris offers for the RANGER XP 1000 with a conventional motor can also be used for the new electric version – such as the practical Pro Shield cabin system. It protects the occupants from the elements in all weathers and offers even greater comfort. In addition, the powerful and easy-to-assemble Pro HD winches and the clever Lock & Ride system are fully compatible with the RANGER XP Kinetic. The latter includes numerous well thought-out solutions for the safe transport of tools and equipment.

Special accessories specially developed for the new RANGER XP Kinetic complete the extensive range of accessories. The electric heating kit quickly pampers you with cozy warmth on cold days. The particularly powerful 3 kW onboard charger enables even shorter charging times. In addition, owners of the new RANGER XP Kinetic can choose from the extensive range of off-road accessories that are tailor-made for their purposes.



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