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GCC season 2020 – end of the terrain –


GCC 2020: Cross Country Championship.

The Maxxis Cross Country Championship has been completely canceled for this year. This was announced by GCC promoter Baboons on Monday. The complete cancellation is the result of the last announcement by the federal government, according to which major events are banned until October 31, 2020. Until recently, the series makers had hoped that there could be at least two more races for this year’s Maxxis Cross Country Championship. After the recent resolutions of the federal government, the two remaining “Jokers” in Schefflenz and Bühlertann must now also be canceled.

This means that the “worst-case scenario” has now occurred that the 2020 season has to end in the middle of June without a single race. “This is a situation that we have not even thought of as possible in 18 years of GCC. At the moment we are speechless and have to deal with it first, but obviously popular sports events, the clubs and organizers and, last but not least, the athletes are the last in the food chain in the context of the corona crisis. The biggest German motorsport series is slowed down by a virus. A bitter experience. But we can also deal with it, try to tick it off as quickly as possible and look ahead, ”says Ulrich Hanus, head of GCC promoter BABOONS.

“The zero round 2020 not only hits all drivers hard, but of course also our organizing associations, sponsors and us as promoters”, says series manager Christian Hens. “We are very grateful that so many participants forego repayment and thus open the door to the 2021 season,” continued Hens. The athletes can still find the various repayment options on the GCC website.

Dates in 2021
The Orgateam of the Maxxis Cross Country Championship is already working on the dates for the 2021 season. As soon as all locations and dates have been determined, they look ahead. GCC promoter BABOONS wants to send a positive signal as quickly as possible and is in good spirits to be able to announce all seven dates for next year in September.


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