Press release Garmin: Garmin announces its entry into the powersport market – with a strong product trio that supports recreational off-roaders to safely explore unknown terrain. The robust Tread powersport navigation device with Group Ride Tracker, the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box and the BC 40 wireless camera with a new tube bracket are reliable companions when it comes to exploring sand dunes, overgrown forest paths or icy snowy landscapes.

The weatherproof, ultra-bright, 5.5-inch Tread is ready for any adventure where off-roaders hunt through challenging terrain. If you ride in a group, the Treads’ Group Ride Tracker can help you keep an eye on the position data of all members without the need for mobile phone reception.

A brief overview of the new Garmin Tread

In conjunction with the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box, off-road drivers can conveniently control their vehicle’s 12-volt accessories using the Treads touch display, which can also be operated with gloves, and thus activate additional headlights, air compressors, differential locks, etc.

If you mount the wireless BC 40 camera on the tubular frame, a flat surface or the roll bar of your side-by-side or off-road vehicle, you can also couple this with the Garmin Tread and thus receive a clear picture of the surroundings on the display of the navigation system and the surrounding obstacles.

Stay connected

When off-road fans venture into unknown terrain together, the VHF module of the Treads (Group Ride Tracker) ensures that they do not lose sight of each other. Groups of up to 20 drivers can share their position data, keep an eye on their friends on the map display of the Treads and send predefined messages to one another. The navigation system can also be paired with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled helmet or headset, which enables communication while driving. In addition, the Tread is compatible with most Garmin inReach satellite communication devices, which enables drivers to stay in touch worldwide via two-way communication, access weather data and use the interactive SOS emergency call. With the new Tread Mobile App, users can also easily import or export GPX files, access live weather and smartphone notifications and synchronize tour data across all devices.

A more detailed presentation of the garmin Tread Navi – in English.

The gelÄexplore

Thanks to pre-installed topographic maps of Europe, Africa – including Tracks4Africa – and the Middle East, off-roaders can explore their surroundings in great detail. Additional maps of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand are available as a free download from Garmin Express. In addition, high-resolution BirdsEye satellite images can be loaded directly onto the navigation system via WLAN to obtain impressive overhead views of the site and the surrounding area.

AddÄadditional control and foresight

For more control and convenience, we recommend the new PowerSwitch switch box, which turns the Tread into the vehicle’s command center. The weather-resistant (IPX7) box with six connections for 12-volt accessories (up to 30 amps) is easy to install without interfering with the dashboard or vehicle electronics. It offers the possibility of individually assigning labels, symbols or channel groups to digital switchboards, as well as storing commands for dimming or lighting up warning messages on the display of the navigation device. In connection with a Tread Powersport Navi, it is also possible to create smart circuits that depend on the vehicle speed and time. The new PowerSwitch switch box is also compatible with other Garmin navigation devices or smartphones.

The wireless BC 40 camera offers a plus in security. Once mounted on the vehicle and connected to the Tread, it shows the surroundings on the display of the navigation system and thus offers additional orientation. The battery-operated camera lasts for up to three months on one set of batteries and delivers high-quality images with a range of up to 13 meters. Regardless of whether it is snow, rain or shine, the weatherproof camera can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.

You can find the product video for the Tread

as well as the PowerSwitch

The Tread Powersport GPS in detail
RRP: € 699.99; Available immediately

  • Robust powersport navigation system with 5.5 inch (14 cm) HD display and VHF module

  • Topographic maps and road maps for EMEA – including Tracks4Africa

  • Downloads for America, Australia and New Zealand as well as BirdsEye satellite imagery

  • Group ride tracking, position tracking and messenger function for up to 20 drivers

  • Integrated track recorder / converter, as well as ABC and inclination sensors

  • Tread App: Synchronize waypoints and routes, GPX import / export and more

  • Pre-installed POIs from Garmin and iOverlander

  • Powersports mounting kit with pipe bracket, wiring harness and antenna bracket

  • Connected features such as smart notifications, real-time services and accident notification

  • Compatible with Garmin inReach satellite communications devices

  • Compatible with the BC 40 wireless camera and the Garmin PowerSwitch

  • Battery life of up to 6 hours

The Garmin PowerSwitch in detail
RRP: € 499.99; Available immediately

  • Robust and weatherproof (IPX7) design, especially for use under challenging conditions

  • Wireless control of the connected 12V accessory via a compatible Garmin GPS and / or smartphone

  • Easy installation without interfering with the vehicle electronics

  • Customizable switchboards

  • Up to four Garmin PowerSwitch devices can be used at the same time

  • Smart automated shifts depending on vehicle speed and / or time of day when coupled with a Tread Powersport navigation system

  • Pipe bracket with which the camera can be easily attached to the pipe frame, a flat surface or the roll cage of the vehicle

The BC 40 wireless camera in detail
RRP: € 149.99; Available immediately

  • Battery operated (2x AA batteries); with a battery life of up to 3 months

  • Clear video image that extends up to 13 meters

  • Robust and weatherproof (IPX7) design

  • The image transmission can be controlled via a compatible Garmin navigation system via voice command


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